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Be Persistent

Are you a persistent person? As defined by Google, persistence means, “continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.”

Sometimes you have to look at yourself in the mirror to gather your courage (perhaps with coaching) to try again!
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What have you persistently chased, overcame obstacles and obtained?

If you persevered I’m sure it was something that you really wanted. In your attempt to get it if you were turned down initially, instead of giving up you didn’t let the rejection stand in your way and eventually, in spite of it all, you were able to gain acceptance! When something is earned, it really is more appreciated.

Early in my business career I had started in Sales, then I followed my path and went into materials but I really wanted to end up in purchasing. At that time, the purchasing manager wasn’t on the same page with me. I guess his vision for the department didn’t include me. It was tough for me to swallow his rejection. It is a humbling experience. I actually applied 3 times in his department and with each rejection I asked, why? I went back to school, became credentialed, started working with purchasing on special projects when I could and, eventually, I got the job. Honestly, had I been rejected for a third time, I’m not sure I would have attempted it again. I ended up climbing the ranks in purchasing and leading several purchasing teams before I retired my purchasing hat. It was a good run!

I guess how persistent a person is depends on how passionately he or she is about their goal.

I can tell you as a published author, I was really discouraged when I tried sending my manuscript out initially. It was easy for me to say that other successful authors were lucky but once I actually started learning about their stories, they too traveled a difficult road to gain success. Fortunately we have other options and great mentors who can help navigate such rough conditions. My persistence, and the help of a dear friend, made it happen for me.

I believe the difference between a dreamer and a successful entrepreneur is the entrepreneur is persistent. This individual doesn’t let pride get in his or her way. Of course, for a vision to come to fruition, one must be realistic and be purposeful in overcoming any and all shortcomings.

Persistence teaches patience and, in today’s world, without some amount of tolerance, life would be horribly difficult.

The message I hope to leave with you today is, if something is really important to you, don’t be discouraged by rejection, instead learn from it and be persistent!

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