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BC UFO's atmospheric hole suggests ET alternative to water comet theory

UFO power-up sequence recorded in infrared nightshot video at a remote BC canyon location.
UFO power-up sequence recorded in infrared nightshot video at a remote BC canyon location.
Jon Kelly

Exclusive video from Secret Message TV reveals a UFO accompanied by an atmospheric hole recorded during a late-night summer skywatch at a remote canyon location in Southwestern British Columbia, Canada. previously covered a road trip to the same location featuring a Vancouver-based UFO videographer whose astral travels facilitate contact with extraterrestrial intelligences. In the video, the infrared nightshot point-of-view camera detects an object crossing the sky and strobing light at variable intensities over approximately sixteen second intervals. At peak luminous intensity, the UFO registers numerous clusters of dark pixels on the camera's three-CCD sensors, including a dark portion of sky resembling a tear in the atmosphere surrounding the object. Thailand-based Finnish composer Miika Kuisma recently joined Secret Message TV as a musical contributor, firmly establishing the Vancouver-based online video podcast feature as a truly international production.

Not at snowball's chance

Louis A. Frank, Ph.D. is the Carver/James A. Van Allen Professor of Physics at the University of Iowa whose controversial interpretation of ultraviolet atmospheric data ignited public imagination in the 1990's with descriptions of house-sized comets filled with water snow vaporizing above the earth's atmosphere at a rate of one every few seconds. The comets first appeared as dark holes in the far ultraviolet airglow images sent back to earth by the Dynamics Explorer 1 satellite in the 1980's. The airglow is a weak emission of light in a planet's atmosphere that can be detected by sensitive instruments, including telescopes. According to Dr. Frank's theory, these comets could have been responsible over the course of earth's history for providing enough water to fill the oceans with he describes as their "gentle cosmic rain". Opponents to the snowball theory, however, have attributed the dark images recorded on Dr. Frank's satellite-borne ultraviolet camera system to "instrumental artefacts [sic]".

But what if the dark images represent neither water nor instrumental errors?


Martyn Stubbs is a Vancouver cable television station manager who downloaded the complete NASA video feeds for missions STS-48 to STS-80 and detected hundreds of UFO's in the feeds that were being observed by members of the shuttle crew and ground control. Some of these objects have been estimated at several miles in diameter based on their size and position relative to the 12 mile-long tether which broke from the shuttle Columbia and was shortly thereafter swarmed by luminous UFO's as recorded on NASA's camera system in early 1996.

Although there is no publicly available data regarding the light frequency blocking characteristics of UFO's and their propulsion signatures as captured by NASA cameras, their abundance, geometry and dimensions as exhibited in the SecretNASAMan online video archive suggest that UFO phenomena are contributing to the recordings of dark holes in the earth's airglow as observed by Dr. Frank and his team.

From the perspective of secret NASA UFO video archives, the new remote canyon UFO video on Secret Message TV provides a ground-based perspective on both luminous night sky events and accompanying dark atmospheric holes.

Infrared Absorbing

In the video, the atmospheric hole appears prominently shortly after the peak luminous emission from the UFO's strobing sequence. The hole describes an area of the sky which is absorbing light energy, in distinct contrast to the nearby bright and visible UFO. Rather than being caused by a light-absorbing object (such as a cloud of water vapor), the dark pixels may be the signature of a dimensional stargate propulsion system used by the UFO. has previously reported on how a twisted jet of material that emerged from a UFO during a power-up event resembles the jet of particles emitted by black holes seen by astronomers in space.

Was the directed light energy transmission recorded during the peak intensity of the UFO's strobing pattern created by the expulsion of a twisted jet of particles from a black-hole like dimensional stargate portal integrated into the UFO's propulsion system? And is the appearance of an atmospheric hole shortly after the peak intensity event (the "power-up" of UFO field observer vernacular) evidence for a dimensional portal that opened in tandem with the power-up event?

Neolithic Icons

Another dimension of the remote canyon UFO event revealed in the video is the similarity of one blown-up video frame to another earlier frame also recorded in infrared nightshot at the ECETI Ranch over the July 4th long weekend. reported that the ECETI video revealed the head of a bald eagle in profile displayed by a burst coronal discharge from the UFO's luminous body. The remote canyon UFO video frame also displays a raptor-head profile, although with lower resolution due to distance and the camera lens being set at its widest angle. 

The capacity of UFO contact to awaken neolithic consciousness via symbolic communications is demonstrated through the repeated reference to animal symbolism as recorded by twenty-first century camera technology. Due to an abundance of visual evidence and historic testimony related to this topic, this reporter will continue to explore symbolic communications dimensions of UFO contact through future articles in this column.

Dimensional Traveler in Color

The video ends with a close-up examination of a photograph recorded several years earlier with a digital still camera. In the photograph, a UFO is seen in profile discharging a coronal trail as it exits a plasma cloud surrounding a dimensional gateway. The UFO is imaged in color as part of a 5Mp resolution photo (much higher than both standard and high definition video). The presence of dark pixels surrounded by the luminous cloud is highly suggestive of "black-hole"-type propulsion utilizing dimensional gateway potentials of the natural environment. Although many audience members might feel that this photograph best resembles events in outer space being observed through a telescope, the image was actually recorded indoors at a heritage house in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighborhood.

A Reasonable Alternative

This article has explored some of the video evidence available both from NASA and this reporters' own field investigations in an attempt to describe UFO phenomena as an important consideration in the water comet debate sparked by Dr. Frank's long-term investigation into anomalous readings from the Dynamics Explorer 1 camera system. UFO's are being observed this summer participating in the generation of atmospheric holes as demonstrated in the exclusive Secret Message TV video recording. Stay tuned for future episodes that examine daylight UFO images, exploring the dark pixels accompanying those luminous forms as possible examples of atmospheric holes occurring in the absence of water comets as well.