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BBC’s “Bible Hunters” compliments Christianity

We simply cannot wait to see the rest of the BBC’s series on the world’s holy books and are certainly looking forwards to “Qur'an Hunters.” Can you imagine? No? Well then, you get the picture; they will never do it because they are not interested in historical research but rather, only interested in besmirching one, and only one, faith namely, Christianity.

Indeed, the BBC’s documentaryBible Hunters” deserves a place within the Unbelievers Compliment Christianity archives. The archives are dedicated to the likes of the BBC’s recent carefully crafted propaganda.

UK Guardian writer Lucy Mangan serves as a great example of the target audience for “Bible Hunters”; an disinterested, uninformed person whose entire career of bible scholarship appears to be managing to make it through watching one biased documentary and who concludes that if the documentary said it well then, by golly, I believe it and it must be true—case closed.

She wrote a review of “Bible Hunters” for the Guardian under the title, Bible Hunters: the Search for Bible Truth (February 13, 2014 AD) wherein she writes, “I'll be honest. If I hadn't been called upon to review it, I probably would have kept a very safe distance from a documentary called Bible Hunters: the Search for Bible Truth (BBC2).” This is how she begins her article and this is at least honest; she could care less about the subject; although her mind was obviously already made up, why else refer to “a safe distance” and admit an utter lack of interest?

This is the basic point of the documentary which Lucy Mangan elucidates as:

Archaeologist and historian Dr Jeff Rose guided us through the story of how the notion of the Bible as the absolute and literal word of God, handed unchanging down the ages, was challenged by and eventually disintegrated under the weight of new manuscripts found and discoveries made by various intrepid explorers to Egypt, where the combination of dry desert air and the world's oldest monasteries had combined to provide a vellum'n'papyral (and if that's not a word, it should be and it is now) treasure trove for questing biblical scholars.

There you have it, case closed; the view that the Bible is the absolute and literal word of God has been disintegrated—hey, the one sided, biased documentary that contains not opposing views said so!!!

The attached video (also found here) features Chris Pinto, of Noise of Thunder, ironing out some bothersome facts that the BBC somehow overlooked—oopsy.

When we dig to the very bottom of the BBC’s point in the documentary we discern that they are preaching the Luciferian doctrine. Wait! What?

Well, the documentary attempts to make a case for the disintegration of the Bible as the absolute and literal word of God and end by considering the supposed “lost gospels” which are Gnostic texts.

The documentary claims that there were many early Christianities and Gnosticism was one of them. Well, the fact is that referring to Christian Gnosticism is tantamount to referring to carnivore vegans. In other word; they are as extreme opposites as one can get. Gnosticism merely employed some Christian terminology into the ancient mystery religious. Think of any major biblical doctrine, turn it upside down, inside out and backwards and you have Gnosticism.

In short, the BBC’s “Bible Hunters” is just another is a 2,000 year long line of attempts to discredit the Bible and Christianity which leaved the Bible and Christianity unscathed and yet, discredits itself.

It also serves as a great example of propaganda and leads to 1) the real, actual facts being raised, again, and available to those who actually care about real, actual facts and 2) demonstrations that those who do not want to believe in the Bible as the absolute and literal word of God will believe anything that they can hang on to as a psychological band-aid which, however temporarily, masks their rebellion against YHVH.


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