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Bay Bridge closure: Big traffic trouble for Labor Day Weekend

Bay Bridge closure: Big traffic trouble for Labor Day Weekend
Bay Bridge closure: Big traffic trouble for Labor Day Weekend
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Bay Bridge closure could mean big trouble for drivers on Labor Day weekend. The San Francisco Bay area crossing will be shutdown in order to open a new $6.4 billion eastern span. According to United Press International on August 28, 2013, the span will be closed from 8 p.m. Wednesday until 5 a.m. Tuesday. The bridge will be the world's tallest Self-Anchored Suspension (SAS) tower once completed.

This is the first time it has included weekdays, when thousands of drivers are commuting to work or preparing to leave town for the long weekend.

The Bay Bridge closure prompted San Francisco officials to ask commuters to add up to two hours to their commute. The span has been closed three times over Labor Day weekend since 2006. Each time traffic was forced to use the much smaller Golden gate Bridge to handle the load. Getting in or out of the city was a nightmare.

Past Bay Bridge closures have only taken place during the long Labor Day weekend. This time two additional days are included and there are sure to be problems. On top of that the AAA predicted an increase of cars on the road in California to be 6 percent higher than last year. All of this can add up to a big mess. I will do my part and stay off the roads and bridges altogether this weekend.

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