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'Battlefield Hardline' takes the franchise in a different direction

Battlefield Hardline hands-on E3-slide0
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

The take on modern day warfare that has encompassed the Battlefield series was due for a change. Prior to E3 2014, Electronic Arts had announced a Battlefield game that offered a change of pace. Focusing more on cops versus robbers, EA announced Battlefield Hardline to release later this year. The game will still use the Frostbite 3 engine, and this author had the opportunity to get some hands-on with this game at E3 2014. The available demo took place in downtown Los Angeles, which ironically was the location of E3 2014. Also, the available demo was available using a PlayStation 4.

Cops and Criminals
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

The idea in Battlefield Hardline, in terms of multiplayer and in the Heist mode, is simply for the criminals to collect the money and return it to their base. Blood Money was another mode also available on the floor, but this author’s experience was with the Heist mode. Blood Money involves both sides fighting over the money to collect as much as possible during a match.

Hardline will offer a wide range of vehicles. The trailer showed a gasoline tanker, along with police cars. The playable demo definitely offered police cars as players are able to shoot out the windshield for a better shot, meanwhile exposing them to more gunfire. Other vehicles to be expected are from the likes of sports cars, helicopters, and even jet skis.

The map size for downtown Los Angeles is definitely of a large scale. Other large scales maps are expected for the game, as a lot of different routes can be taken to accomplish your goal. The direction of Battlefield Hardline seems to come from the likes of the Payday and Counterstrike series, but this does not seem to be the case. Offering a narrative single player campaign, and simply using the elements that complete a Battlefield title will make this eliminate those comparisons immediately.

As for the gameplay in the demo, if you are accustomed to Battlefield 3 or 4, players will be right at home. Some may consider this a bad thing, but fans of the previous two games looking to jump in should be comfortable with how the guns feel and navigating the areas. Many buildings can be entered as well and a lot of space can be covered to avoid enemies when returning the money.

Battlefield Hardline beta was released the day of the EA Press Conference at E3 2014. PlayStation 4 and PC owners were able to apply for it as this will give an idea of what to expect with the final game. The visuals for the game are definitely familiar and could stand for some improvement at this point. However, the game will still support 64 players online and should allow for an immersive and enjoyable experience. Hardline will release on October 21 for current generation and next generation consoles. Stay tuned for more information on Battlefield Hardline.

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