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‘Battlefield 4’ Xbox One impressions from Xbox One Tour event

Battlefield 4 Zavod 311 Map Overview
Battlefield 4 Zavod 311 Map Overview
The overview of Zavod 311 in Battlefield 4. (DICE, Electronic Arts)

Battlefield 4 is part of the Xbox One Tour that hit Atlanta on Friday and this Examiner was able to give the game’s multiplayer a spin. This happened in the midst of controversy over rumors that the game is running at 720p on the next-gen console so how did the actual experience compare to rumors?

The current rumors of 720p for not just Battlefield 4 but Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox One were started Saturday by former IGN writer and current Furious Fanboy site operator Jeremy Conrad. Things quickly exploded there and it became a hot topic on social media and in forums. While I was unable to confirm if Battlefield 4 was running at 720p on the Xbox One at the tour event, there were signs posted for just it and FIFA 14 that stated no pictures or video were to be taken. When I asked the attendants of both booths why this was, neither could give me an answer.

The madness of resolution rumors aside, Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One did look stunning in the two sessions I got to spend with it. It didn’t look as good as the PC version in the recent beta but it was reasonably close while also far outstripping what will be seen on the Xbox 360 when the game releases there this week. I can’t verify the resolution but the environment was highly detailed, the character animations were clean and the game was clearly running at a buttery-smooth 60 frames per second sitting just a couple of feet away from the HDTV.

The multiplayer demo was based on a small slice of the Zavod 311 map with an 8 versus 8 Domination map. No drivable vehicles were present as it was completely an infantry affair which means that the Assault class was the most used that I saw. The section of the larger map that was used centers around an abandoned tank manufacturing facility that dominates the middle of the map with two separate buildings connected by walkway between their roofs which are accessibly by ladders on the outside. One of the building’s roof went up another two floors giving players a vantage point of the entire battlefield and even into part of the next building. Meanwhile, the ground level of the building included a tank repair bay with a small sub-level which turned into a good spot to capture the Domination point on the main level.

The other two domination points were located in a section of the second building and outside in the middle of a number of parked tanks. This setup a triangle of death on the map as players constantly moved from point to point in attempts to capture or hold.

The Xbox One controller held up exceedingly well during this time. It’s a nice solid, upgrade over the Xbox 360 controller with the dead zone on the sticks reduced and the reported response time improvement was noticeable while playing. The lack of feedback in the triggers like what was present in the Forza Motorsport 5 demo was disappointing as it is a major new feature and would have provided a good bit more immersion with firing weapons.

Without official word from DICE and Electronic Arts on the resolution for the Xbox One version of Battlefield 4 and the inability to do a direct comparison with the PS4, I can only say that the Xbox One version of the game looks great and plays great at this point. I would have liked to have seen vehicular play but such is life. How Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One stacks up to its console competitor graphically remains to be seen though.

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