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'Battlefield 4' used to explain EA's vision of cross-platform gaming

Everything Battlefield 4 will be accessible on PCs, consoles, tablets and smartphones.
Everything Battlefield 4 will be accessible on PCs, consoles, tablets and smartphones.
Electronic Arts, DICE

During an earnings call Wednesday, Electronic Arts explained that gamers have up to give game-enabled devices from consoles to smartphones to tablets to PCs. EA Labels president Frank Gibeau described a scenario where gamers use multiple devices to play and keep track of Battlefield 4 when it is released later this fall for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Gibeau said that EA sees two to three times more consumer engagement when they are connected across devices through a single platform according to a transcript provided by Seeking Alpha. In case you were wondering what that platform might be, it would be EA's Origin service where the EA Labels president says the company has almost 300 million names in their databases and are serving over 2.5 billion game sessions per month.

So how does Electronic Arts plan to leverage that across devices? Gibeau illustrates a 24-hour-a-day engagement plan for consumers with the following scenario that will he says will be a similar to what is coming to other EA titles such as FIFA Soccer.

When you wake up in the morning, you're going to grab your smartphone, you're going to log into Battle Log, which is our social layer inside Battlefield, and you're going to be able to check your stats, see what your friends are doing, understand what the news is. You're going to have a cup of coffee, maybe you'll drop into the PC and have a quick multiplayer session, pull up a quick match, play for 10 or 12 minutes.

You're then going to get on the train, go to work, and you're going to be able to pull up your tablet and you're going to able to watch the forum and news and understand what's coming next inside of Battlefield premium service, a new expansion pack, a new weapon, looking at your load-out through your soldier. At lunchtime, you're going to actually engage with a bunch of people playing on the Xbox 1 or on the PC through your tablet in Commander Mode, something that we're demonstrating on the floor at our booth that I'd love for you guys to come stop by and see. It actually gives you the ability through a tablet to play the game and engage with other players.

On the way home, you're going to start pinging your friends to set up your clan match for that night, and then, you're going to drop in front of the television, hopefully with a beer, and you're going to play, for a few hours, Battlefield. All of those instances are all connecting back to our back end and all -- and through our single user ID. So we know what they're doing, we understand how they're playing, and we're going to give them opportunities throughout their day to access our game. So it's being able to access our brand universes anytime, anywhere on any device that you want. It's a pretty powerful concept, and it's actually working right now. It's working in FIFA, it's working in our different properties, Battlefield 4. Again, this will be the user scenario that you'll see this fall.

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