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‘Battlefield 4’ game of the year article controversy clarified by IGN

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Peer Schneider has issued a statement on March 21 in regards to an IGN article that was found in the source code of the official website for “Battlefield 4.” According to the co-founder of IGN on the NeoGAF forum, they never wrote the “IGN predicting Battlefield 4 to be game of the year” article. Instead, Electronic Arts used “wishful thinking” when putting placeholder texts in the accolades section of the source code. You can check out some images of “Battlefield 4,” as well as some screens from “Battlefield 3,” in the slideshow at the top of this article and the comments from Peer Schneider (courtesy of the NeoGAF forum):

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The reason why IGN's Scott Lowe tweeted out this source code thing is because we at IGN had no idea what it was and how it got there. We asked EA. They basically said someone used wishful thinking placeholder copy. We didn't write it, we didn't give permission, we don't share unpublished previews/reviews with publishers or developers. Someone was simply using a template for a promo page and staked out the spot where they'll list accolades.

Electronic Arts will be officially unveiling the “Battlefield 4” on March 26. The first-person shooter is expected to come out for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox 720. The game is being developed by Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment, otherwise known as DICE, and will be published by Electronic Arts.