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'Battlefield 4' and 'Need for Speed Rivals' built for Xbox One & PS4, says EA

What is most important about next-gen to you?
What is most important about next-gen to you?

One of the things that is in people's minds when it comes to buying games on Xbox One and PS4, when they are also going to be available on current-gen systems, is whether or not the next-generation version of a game has been sacrificed to accompany current-gen consoles? Is it worth it to buy an Xbox One and/or PS4 this November?

Today, we found out that both Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed Rivals have been built for the Xbox One and PS4 from the ground up. EA Games Label boss Patrick Soderlund talked about how these two titles have been made for next-gen.

"Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed this year were built from the ground-up on next gen, and scaled back for current consoles. Rather than making a current gen game and scaling it up, we went the other way around.

"Developers are smart, they figure out ways to get more out of the boxes. That will happen. For next year’s games, I am already seeing games doing things we were not able to do on the ones coming this year. That will be an industry-wide thing," Soderlund said.

We've heard this about other games that will be hitting both current and next-generation systems, and to hear it for Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed Rivals, it's reassuring. Many people wonder if the benefits of next-gen at launch will be enough to warrant a $400 or $500 purchase, but EA has provided some convincing benefits for Battlefield 4.

"But when you get your hands on Battlefield 4, 64-players, 60 frames per second, with the fidelity you have on next-gen consoles, versus the 360 or PS3 version, the difference there is significant. We are for the first time offering 64-players, that’s 40 more than before, that makes the game significantly different.

"On top of that, doubling the frame rate and improving the graphics creates a better feel. That’s just simple stuff, but that makes a big difference. One that’s significant enough to make people say: 'I’ve got to have that,'" Soderlund said.

Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed Rivals will be hitting next-generation consoles this coming November. For all of our latest exclusives, previews, reviews and features, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Game On.

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