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Baseball returns to Ottawa

Baseball returns to Ottawa
Baseball returns to Ottawa
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It's been a journey, but baseball is finally returning to Ottawa.

The Ottawa Citizen's, Ken Warren reported Wednesday afternoon, that Ottawa's return to the Can-Am League will be officially announced on Monday, June 23.

Aside from the Toronto Blue Jays and their Northwest League affiliate, Vancouver Canadians, Canada really lacks in the professional baseball department. With only two teams covering all of Canada, putting Ottawa back in the mix can only be looked at as a positive.

League Commissioner, Miles Wolff, who I spoke with late last year about the league's tiebreaker and about the almost certainty of a new Canadian franchise joining the mix in 2015, is certainly optimistic about the team's potential.

“It has the right population, it’s a good stadium and the history wasn’t awful,” Wolff said in a telephone interview. “The Fat Cats did really well in the Intercounty Baseball and the Lynx had four or five good years. We believe it will work and work well.”

Baseball enthusiasts can go on and on about the failures that baseball in Canada has endured. Ottawa has experienced its fair share, according to Warren (Lynx, Rapidz, Fat Cats) and the Canadian Baseball League that folded before the end of their first season. However, a man like Wolff, with a pedigree that is unmatched in the game of baseball, wouldn't put a team out there unless he thought it could work.

This is an exciting day in for baseball in Canada.