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Barefoot globetrotter visits Atlanta

Wojciech Cejrowski, Polish barefoot globetrotter entertained the audience with stand-up comedy style lecture about Mexico
Wojciech Cejrowski, Polish barefoot globetrotter entertained the audience with stand-up comedy style lecture about Mexico
Wojtek Wysocki

Wojciech Cejrowski, Polish barefoot globetrotter/traveler, and one of the most recognizable people in Poland, visited Atlanta this past weekend.

The author with Wojciech Cejrowski
Wojtek Wysocki

The audience gathered at St. Marguerite d'Youville, Lawrenceville was treated with a top-notch presentation, illustrated with many slides from Cejrowski's trip to Mexico.

The Polish traveler used a stand-up comedy approach to talk about the region.

So you want to be a traveler?

Saying that his beginnings were humble is an understatement. His first solo trip to Mexico was... on a $20 budget!
His father loaned him the money (the equivalent of a months salary in Poland at the time,) and demanded a dollar per month interest. Since Cejrowski was planning to stay for two months, he immediately separated $2 from the rest.
With the remaining $18 and the price of the cheapest hostel in Mexico City at $9 a night, sleeping under the stars was the only solution.

Cejrowski squatted with some local beggars at the subway station, using a piece of a cardboard as a bed. He quickly learned that he used the wrong type (about 14 varieties of cardboard were available,) confirming the popular saying that "one can learn from a street beggar."
The whole group ate leftover pieces of bread from the local baker, who always said "remember the hand that feeds you."
When asked about the meaning of his words the baker explained:
"One never knows what the future holds. One day I may be the beggar in need of your help."

Cejrowski's situation changed rapidly when he followed the advice of his companions from the subway station, and used his appearance and Eastern European accent to his advantage. He offered his services as a tour guide to random tourists, working solely on tips.

The night of 1001 cocktails

The art of instant adaptation saved Cejrowski many times during his trips.
On one occasion, he was literally forced to work as a bartender at a resort in Acapulco.
He knew absolutely nothing about mixing drinks, but instantly invented "The night of 1001 cocktails;" mixing drinks at random and making this evening so memorable that the hotel manager decided to make it a weekly event.

Barefoot globetrotter

Cejrowski, a popular person on Polish TV, appears barefoot in TV studios. This is how he travels most of the time.
The idea did not come to him until a trip to Central America, where he had to face very challenging terrain.
He wore army boots, especially developed for this region. His trip varied from army drills though, and his feet "were killing him." Inspired by his barefoot guide, he ditched the boots and started to walk barefoot on most occasions, in spite of some injuries like broken toes.

Travel with WC

For those "bitten by the travel bug," Gringo Travel ran by Wojciech Cejrowski has really interesting offers, like an Amazon expedition in Peru to places where"white people have never before been seen."

In May, Cejrowski will guide the pilgrims to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, one of the most important pilgrimage sites of Catholicism (Wojciech is a devoted Catholic.) Teotihuacan, Palenque, and Chichen Itza will be included as well.

For more info visit the website:

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