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Barbara Petty compares homosexuality to theft and murder

Eagle Forum
Eagle Forum
Eagle Forum

The Religious Right continues to struggle with the fact that everything they personally have massive sticks up their butts about is not comparable in any other way.

In a sample letter to Utah State Sen. Steve Urquhart distributed by Fox 13's Max Roth, Barbara Petty of the Utah Eagle Forum not only once again complains that legislation which would prevent Christians from discriminating is discriminatory towards Christians, but compares homosexuality to other "immoral" acts like theft and murder.

"Deviant sexual life styles are immoral," it reads. "We urge you to withdraw your anti discrimination bill and any further activity in that direction.

"We discriminate against immorality, theft, dishonesty, murder etcetera and as our representative in the Utah Senate your oath of office is to uphold the constitution. We hold you to the oath you have taken.

"Such action as described in the anti discrimination bill allowing a man to say he feels like a woman and wants to use the bathroom and shower facilities for women is a disgrace to the sacred covenants we have with the God of this world and offends all decency.

"It is also a complete perversion of sentiment in that, in order to make a small minority feel more 'comfortable' in their unnatural behavior, the overwhelming majority must suffer being uncomfortable in natural behavior. It is not an abuse of a minority to reject its abuse of the sensibilities of the majority."

Back in that pesky little thing called reality, the majority of Americans, while not homosexual themselves, are not so anal about homosexuality that the very thought that someone might be engaging in "deviant" behavior anywhere in the world keeps them up at night.

All this demonstrates is extreme weakness on the part of the Utah Eagle Forum. Having it written in the Bible is not enough for them to behave themselves.