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Barbara Dunkelman RTX 2014 Interview

Rooster Teeth's Barbara Dunkelman took some time during RTX 2014 to talk to about the event, the dedicated community, and her time with Rooster Teeth.

Although she officially joined the Rooster Teeth team in 2011, Barbara has a long history with the company, following them as early as 2004. After getting heavily involved with the RT community and events, she inevitably impressed the Rooster Teeth team and earned herself a suitable position as their community manager.

"It was very surreal," Barbara said of this transition from fan to employee. "To actually now be in a room with these guys who I've looked up to for 10 years is crazy."

What is RTX?

Starting as a comparatively small gathering of fans in 2011, RTX was originally intended as a celebration of Rooster Teeth and their dedicated community. Although the event has certainly retained this, it has seen some remarkable growth in just a few short years.

In 2011, the event has about 500 members of the RT community in attendance. The event has quickly blown up with over 30,000 fans packed into the large Austin Convention Center in 2014. Likewise, the event itself has expanded, with exhibitors from various gaming and internet-related companies joining in on the fun. Rooster Teeth now describes the event as “a convention hosted by Rooster Teeth, where we celebrate internet culture and gaming.”

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