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Barack Obama – man caused disaster and weapon of mass destruction

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“In a sense, climate change can now be considered another weapon of mass destruction, perhaps even the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.”

These words, uttered by America’s second in command and Obama henchman, Vice President Biden, are both a colossal insult to the intelligence of humanity and a dangerous warning of the lengths to which liberals will go to perpetrate a lie. Everything that happens on planet Earth as a result of the weather is now being labelled “climate change” by the Left, and climate change to them means man-made meteorological variations caused by carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels. The “settled science” of climate change, according to President Obama, means that mankind is causing it and can therefore control it, but only by means of government taking more tax dollars out of the hands of taxpayers.

While this is true in Obamaville, in the real world of science the Earth has always had climate change and is currently enjoying one of the rare periods in which global temperatures are warm enough that half the planet isn’t covered in ice. Though the truth is that no one knows why this happens, they do know that fluctuations in Earth’s temperature are related directly to solar output. The bottom line here is that the Sun, while a stable source of heat is not a static one, and the entire liberal religion of man-made global warming is the second greatest fraud being perpetrated on the American people, with the first being that Democrats use their power in government to help the little guy.

Proof that liberalism is a lie from start to finish is in the predictions by climate change advocates like former Vice President Al Gore who said in his film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” that the polar ice caps would melt completely in a few years. As Earth has been going through a slight cooling period the last seventeen years, polar ice has swelled, all completely contradictory of man-made climatologist’s models based on their fraud that fossil fuel carbon emissions are the cause. Gore’s “hockey stick” graph has no correlation to global temperatures over the last century.

Actual science of climate change

Charles Krauthammer recently stated what actual scientists say about the effects of warming temperatures and climate change. Massive droughts that liberals say would be the result of global warming are bogus. The Earth, being 70% water, would be a wetter planet if the temperatures rose more as more of the ocean’s water would be evaporated into the atmosphere and rained down on the land. But don’t expect science or the truth to get in the way of Obama declaring that the drought afflicting southern California’s farms isn’t caused by man-made global warming, but is a man-made disaster of more limited origination.

President Obama made a trip to southern California where farmers are experiencing a severe drought that is destroying them. The problem is there are golf courses that are flourishing in greenery in the same area. The difference is that the Democrats who control California’s government cut off the water to the Republican owned farms to “save endangered fish.” This “man caused disaster” is Obama’s doing making him the world’s most dangerous weapon of mass destruction and greatest terrorist threat on Earth.

Government chooses fish over farmers

Perhaps one of the best programs to illustrate to the simple-minded young American what bullsh*t is being perpetrated on the people comes from two of America’s greatest comedians and magicians, Penn & Teller, in a program they called, “Bullsh*t,” in which they debunked many of the myths people hold dear. Despite being a comedy, there is more truth in their presentation than have been uttered by Democrats in the last half a century. The bottom line being that only those scientists who live on government grants to promote man-made global warming endorse their “science.”

Bullsh*t – Global Warming

Flat-heads vs. flat-earthers

Government waste taxpayer dollars “stimulating the economy,” “saving the planet”

The most dangerous weapon of mass destruction is Obama and the Democrats and their destruction of American’s wealth.