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‘Bar Rescue’ spoiler: Jon Taffer offers up free drinks to reveal lazy staff

Jon Taffer
Jon Taffer
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Nightclub & Bar

The fans of “Bar Rescue” are going to see just how generous Jon Taffer is on Sunday night. The host of the popular Spike TV show is looking to find out just what is with the staff at the bar he is looking to save. What happens next has everyone, including the fans shocked. According to the “Bar Rescue” official Facebook page on Saturday, the host offers up a challenge to the bartender to see how the staff works. The goal was to pour as many free drinks to the customers until the manager notices.

Jon Taffer didn't expect too many drinks to be poured for free, but what he recognizes is he is going to be out a bunch of cash as the booze starts flowing. Too busy canoodling to notice, the man who is supposed to be helping the staff is chatting with customers. The manager is treating his bar like a romantic playground and leaving the work up to the bartenders.

When the free drinks offered up are over 40 total, Taffer gets upset and changes it up. Instead of cups of liquor, he instructs the bartenders to go around with a big bottle and give refills. What happens next might be even more surprising as this bar needs to be seriously rescued.

When Jon Taffer isn't helping bar owners revamp their businesses and make money, it appears he is looking to get new establishments going. According to the Cincinnati Business Courier, the celebrity host has been consulting for the Mt. Adams Pavilion. Offering up ways to make the business successful, instead of saving a bar like he does on television, he shares how to implement ideas the right way from the start.

Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue” can be seen on Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET. Hopefully, even after all the free drinks, Jon Taffer can save the bar from the brinks of bankruptcy.