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Bane Cat: Video craze of Bane Cat latest Internet sensation

A video titled Bane Cat is the latest video going viral with nearly 2 million views in less than one week. posted the video March 28 of this Internet sensation. It can be seen above.

Depicted in the video, is a large gray cat wearing a Bane mask from "The Dark Knight Rises." It starts out with the cat's owner trying to get his dog, Spike, in a carrier. The cat isn't impressed and lets his feelings known. The Bane Cat is generally seen throughout the footage as terrorizing his owner and hounding his every move.

By the end of the video, the owner wants to give his cat away. He posts fliers around the neighborhood. One day the owner is on the computer and he hears the door slowly open behind him. He knows it won't be good. The Bane Cat lets the dorky owner know that he's done the unthinkable and he'll pay. That's when the video ends.

So far this has been the best spoof of the“The Dark Knight Rises."

Check out the Bane Cat video and see what you think.

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