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Back on track + Rock in Rio 2013


It's been a while, it's true. As everything else in the magnificent venture that is life, breaks are often most necessary.
Never fear, earthlings, for the wagon is back on its trail and there will be tons of music to be discussed, reviewed, listed and talked about.

This week, Brazil's hosting yet another edition of its love/hate festival Rock in Rio. So, before howling back to the beloved northern lands of the tri-state area, I might flick a bit through Rock in Rio's happenings.
For starters (teenage vernacular) - at the risk of sounding grouchy, old and ignorant - it could be easily called Pop in Rio. However, before I'd be slammed by noble Pop enthusiasts, I shall state that I have absolutely nothing against Pop music. What bums me and some fellow musicians/journalists/audience out is that major acts like Beyonce and Justin Timberlake already have more than enough media attention and market space. They are the most sought after performers of this generation. And it's well deserved. Both of them are amazing in their intents, which only reinforces the point. Let's save the lion's den for lions. That's a thinker, promoters. Moving on, then.

Despite this minor music morality issue, the festival endures as a blast. At least from a distance. I'll leave the bad news for ... well, the news. From my sofa, it seems quite good. The sound is amazing, the stages are well set, the artists performing at their highest level to this point. On a happy note, Offspring stole the cake. They got everybody - media and public - claiming they deserved to be on the main stage, an understatement when it comes to awesome bands playing rock festivals.
It did endeared us Brazilians that most of the bands and performers so far found some way to pay homage to Brazil. It might have been cheesy and cliche though an extremely needed boost for a people craving for concerts, festivals and the sort of freedom and happiness only live music can bring.

Overall, a cool weekend start for music fans around there.

As for the apple, be sure to keep your ears sharp for what's coming. This island will be shaken by grooves dressed in green and yellow.

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