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‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo has major sexual connection with Nikki Ferrell

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell
Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell

Bachelor” star Juan Pablo has been trying to move on from the show, especially since fans turned their backs on him after the dramatic finale. In fact, the only person who hasn't said anything negative about him is his girlfriend, Nikki. And it sounds like they are learning more about each other as they travel together. According to a new Us Weekly report published on March 20, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo and his future wife, Nikki Ferrell, are apparently very attracted to one another and can’t stop flirting.

Surprisingly, the couple "looked as much like a real, happy couple as you could expect." They have been traveling in the Dominican Republic, as one of Juan’s friends were getting married. And people are watching this couple of see how well they are doing after the dramatic finale last week. "They sat together on a bench at the outdoor rooftop lounge at the Viceroy Hotel," the insider says. "She had her hand on his leg as he texted. Actually both of them were on their phones a lot." Of course, they were probably tweeting or updating people on Twitter about their trip.

"When no one was looking they were flirtier with one another -- rubbing their noses together and kissing several times throughout the night," the eyewitness continues. "They kissed a little for the professional photographers, but really it was mostly when they were left alone." It sounds like they can’t keep their hands off one another even when they are alone. Even Camila has been spending time with the couple.

What do you think of their chemistry?