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Baby coyote tied up with electrical cable and tortured rescued from alley

A six-pound baby coyote pup was rescued on Sunday after a Good Samaritan found the suffering animal in a Santa Maria alley in California tied up with stereo electrical cable wires reported

Baby coyote tied up with electrical cable and tortured rescued from alley-slide0
Animal Rescue Team Inc. of Solvang Facebook
A Good Samaritan found the six-pound coyote tied up with electrical wire, tethered to a post and left to suffer and die.
Animal Rescue Team Inc. of Solvang, California

The cable had been wrapped around the animal's neck and under her arms on her upper torso; she had been tethered to a post and abandoned. Julie Di Sieno, of the Animal Rescue Team Inc. in Solvang was called to help:

"I received a phone call from Animal Control in Santa Maria stating they found a coyote puppy in extreme distress tied up in a backyard. The coyote needed immediate care. I rushed the puppy to the Solvang Veterinary Hospital. She was collapsed and barely breathing."

The pup was dehydrated, starving and has puncture wounds to her back. She also has a severely broken bottom jaw; veterinarians are unsure if the injuries were caused by the pup struggling to get loose or if she had been tortured and kept in captivity.

A $3,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this disturbing act of animal cruelty.

An additional reward of $2,500 has been added on Wednesday by the Animal Legal Defense Fund. The total reward now stands at $5,500. Please call the Animal Legal Defense Fund with any information at 707.795.2533 x1010.

On Monday, the baby coyote had improved, and she was already standing and starting to eat and drink on her own.

According to the organization's Facebook page, the pup is making an excellent recovery. Her latest update on Tuesday reports the happy news:

"Our vets, and a surgeon made another visit to our facility today to check on the status of our lucky girl. She continues to gain weight and strength. We are waiting until the entire infection in her mouth, as well as the 2 puncture wounds to her neck are healed. Thanks to each and everyone who has showed their support, and those who really care. Our spirits are lifted due to the over whelming amount of support we have received from our supporters locally and across the State. More tomorrow. Thank you."

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