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Ayers vs. D’Souza debate: Child-like emotions vs. adult reasoning

Ayers vs. D'Souza
Ayers vs. D'Souza
Kimberly Morin

Last night Dartmouth held a debate featuring Bill Ayers and Dinesh D’Souza. The debate started with 18 minutes for each man to speak and then time for rebuttal. It also included a cross-examination style question and answer between the two and several questions from the audience. Given the leftism that is so rampant in colleges and universities today, it was almost surprising to see that support for D’Souza was far more than for Ayers. This article only highlights a few points made in the debate – white supremacy, money in politics and social justice. To view the debate in its entirety please visit

Ayers spoke first in what was reminiscent of a beatnik who would talk on and on and on making no sense whatsoever. He talked about places and things he felt were great in America but never said that the country is great. D’Souza came on strong talking about how great America is and why America is exceptional: “The beauty of America is that we have the ability to write our own script.” The two were vastly different in their demeanor and language. It was clear that Ayers still believes America isn’t exceptional. He actually said it was ‘arrogant’ for anyone to think that.

Ayers claimed that America is a ‘white supremacist’ country. One reason is there are more blacks in prison as a percentage of the population. Let’s take a walk down his twisted road. Does he not realize that he and his party – Democrats – are indeed the ‘white supremacists’ he speaks of? It is thanks to people like Ayers who pushed for the ‘War on Poverty’ that has almost destroyed the Black Community. 72% of blacks are from single-mother homes due mostly to the welfare policies of not allowing the Father to be in home in order to collect benefits. The atrocious public education system is also thanks to Democrats, especially those who refuse to allow poor children school choice.

Another point Ayers made clear was his hatred of corporations. He believes government is being controlled by big, bad corporations. Not once does he mention the billions of dollars unions spend on elections or lobbying nor how much influence they have in government. Most people agree that all money should be out of politics but not Ayers (and most on the Left). Money in politics is okay with them as long as it’s money from sources that support leftist policies.

‘Social Justice’ was another theme throughout Ayers’ talking points. What exactly is social justice you ask? From the University of North Carolina:

Social justice is the assurance of a proper distribution of advantages and burdens among all members of a community. Essentially, the quality of life for the general population must be approximately equal; any differences must be adequately defensible. No subset of the population should receive any dramatic benefit or inconvenience related to health, pollution, representation, or access to education.

Essentially what Ayers and others on the Left seek to achieve is a greater re-distribution of the wealth from those who have it to those who do not. So whether you were at one time poor and became wealthy through hard work and innovation does not matter. The government must take more of your money because it isn’t fair to your neighbor who wasn’t innovative and didn’t get wealthy. This has been one of Obama’s themes since he was running for President in 2008. D’Souza was driving home the point that in America everyone has the opportunity and ability to become successful. Ayers wants to punish those who made successful choices and reward those who did not. Marx would be proud.

What surprised this author about Ayers was how weak-minded and immature he appeared in his thinking. He is the same radical Communist that he was when younger only he is terrorizing the country AS ‘the man’ rather than against ‘the man’ by pushing leftist policies. Although Ayers has matured in age, he has not matured in his thinking.

It’s difficult to understand how seemingly intelligent individuals refuse to use historical facts or logic to form complex thought patterns. Their simplistic view is often child-like, based on emotions and so much that is not true. Conversely, D’Souza came off as strong with a completely accurate portrayal of historical fact. His arguments were based on logic and sound reasoning which was clear throughout the night. One thing was obvious, when creating government policy, it’s in the best interest of the entire country that the children leave the thinking to the adults.

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