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Avatar Famestar is like Gears of War 3's ribbons expanded across different games

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Along with the release of Wreckateer on Xbox LIVE this week, Microsoft is also introducing the Avatar Famestar program which lets you earn rewards for completing certain challenges in games. We've seen gamers wonder what the Famestar program is all about and the closest comparison we can make is Gears of War 3's Ribbon and Medal system except expanded across different titles. Let us explain why and also show the first Famestar rewards for Wreckateer.

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Gears of War 3 introduced Ribbons and Medals to act as another meta-game level other than the standard Achievement system to reward players for completing certain challenges in the game. The main difference is that the Famestar program will be spread across multiple Xbox LIVE Arcade titles and share the Famestar points and rewards that you earn. Additionally, a good chunk of these challenges can be earned on a weekly basis in an attempt to encourage gamers to return and play to earn more points instead of the one and done nature of Gears of War 3.

So while the number of challenges isn't particularly deep on a per game basis, there is the potential for a massive number of Famestar point opportunities that can be earned across titles that support the program. So you could say this is a melding of the Gears of War 3 Ribbons and Medals with the current Avatar Rewards program.

When Avatar Famestar launches on Wednesday, it will support Wreckateer along with Full House Poker and A World of Keflings. Future titles include Fire Pro Wrestling, Avatar Motocross Madness and Homerun Stars.

As an example, you can check out the list of Famestar Challenges that comes with Wreckateer below.


  • Collect 25 Shot Icons - 25 points
  • Get 10 Bank Shot Icons - 25 points
  • Get 10 “In the Face Icons” - 25 points
  • Collect 30 Shot Icons with Flying Shots - 50 points
  • Hit 75 Goblins - 100 points
  • Get 25 Bank Shot Icons - 100 points
  • Earn 6,000,000,000 points - 125 points
  • Get 55 “In the Face Icons - 175 points
  • Collect 125 Shot Icons with Flying Shots - 175 points
  • Beat a Rival’s Score - 200 points


  • Collect a Bonus Icon - 25 points
  • Play Wreckateer for the first time - 25 points
  • Destroy 10 Windmills while wearing the ‘Knight’ Reward costume - 50 points
  • Earn 250 Fame Points while wearing the “Tinker” Reward costume - 50 points
  • Complete 15 levels while wearing a Wreckateer Reward Costume - 100 points
  • Destroy 25 Goblins while wearing the ‘Goblin’ Reward costume - 100 points
  • Complete 20 levels while wearing another game’s Reward Costume - 150 points
  • Earn 25,000,000 points in Wreckateer while at Megastar Fame level - 150 points
  • 3 Friends Own Wreckateer - 150 points
  • Complete 30 levels while wearing a Star or Megastar level Reward costume - 200 points


  • Knight Costume

Up & Coming

  • Tinker Costume


  • Goblin Costume


  • Star Ballista Skin


  • Megastar Ballista Skin
  • Friends Operate the Ballista
  • Megastar Fame Bonus

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