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Attempted alien abduction claimed by Petawawa resident

Terror In The Night I - Alien Abduction Exposed! by Martha Jette, Dawn Colclasure and Usko Ahonen will soon be available. Many personal stories are included.
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On June 14, 2014 at about 2:05 a.m. a resident of Petawawa had an experience often reported by alien abductees, even some others living in Ontario.

According to a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) report, this person experienced sleep paralysis but knew what to expect, what entities would be seen and how the experience felt. When this happened, the entities exhibited evil intent but wiggling a toe would help the person wake up.

Recently, the person noted it felt more like an alien presence. While lying facing the ceiling, wiggling the toe did not help. The eyes felt heavy and it was a struggle to open them. Near the end of the bed a five-foot tall entity with dark skin and eyes, and wearing a “dark cloak” covering its face was seen.

Then a glowing light orb appeared composed of “20 small balls of light about the size of marbles” that were yellow, white and blue. It was noted that the orb was beautiful and did not cause fear. The blankets over the person began to hover in the air and then the person rose about two feet above the bed.

After feeling as if spinning, the person was moved toward a window. As the entity drew closer, it seemed an alien abduction was happening. But there was a problem and it could not happen. The person then fell asleep.

Having written a book entitled Terror In The Night I - Alien Abduction Exposed along with Dawn Colclasure, this Examiner is well aware that a person is usually taken through a window or wall and out to a UFO. It is believed more advanced entities can manipulate matter and some abductees saw a small black box used for this purpose.

Garrison Petawawa military base is only a few miles away from Petawawa. In some cases, abductees claimed the military was involved.

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