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Atomic wedgie murder leads to arrest in Oklahoma

A McLoud, Oklahoma man was arrested in the case of an atomic wedgie murder, according to a Jan. 8 Reuters via Yahoo News report. The 33-year-old man admitted to pulling his step-father's underwear over the man's head, which led to the step-father suffocating on his own underwear.

Brad Lee Davis has been arrested for the atomic wedgie murder of his step-father, Denver St. Clair, 58. The pair were drunk when they began the argument that ultimately led to the murderous atomic wedgie. Apparently, St. Clair and Davis began fighting when St. Clair began saying mean things about Davis's mom, who was also St. Clair's wife. Ultimately, Davis pulled his step-father's underwear up over his head, and pulled the elastic tight around his neck, which resulted in the victim's death.

It seems unbelievable that somebody died from an atomic wedgie, but that is exactly what happened in this town just South of Oklahoma City. Many people were probably either victims of or perpetrators of this type of childhood prank at one point in their lives, but clearly this is one wedgie that went way too far. Other people have been in trouble for wedgies, but not because they murdered the victim.

Right now it is unclear if Davis intended to kill his step-father, but no matter his intentions, he will now stand trial for the man's death. Davis is in the Pottawatomie County jail with no bond posted. He will eventually face trail in this atomic wedgie murder.

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