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'Asheron's Call' going into maintenance mode

"Asheron's Call" is still going, more than 14 years after launch
"Asheron's Call" is still going, more than 14 years after launch
Turbine, Inc.

"Asheron's Call," the fantasy MMORPG that launched back in 1999 and is currently published by Turbine, Inc., is headed for maintenance mode. Game producer Severlin made the announcement on the game's official forums yesterday afternoon. After discussing several features of the upcoming update (scheduled for launch on March 4th), Severlin then told players that future updates would be limited to maintenance and bug fixes.

Saying that there is a chance that small updates might be published if time permits, players really shouldn't be expecting anything other than the aforementioned maintenance and bug fixes.

As of this time, there are no plans to shut down "Asheron's Call," and in fact Turbine is working to make the game free to all active accounts. There is also a plan for players to be able to run their own "Asheron's Call" servers. Stating that this is "not a user friendly experience," Severlin explains what skills a person would need to set up their own server. He then goes on to say that they would look into releasing tools that would enable players to create their own content for their own "Asheron's Call" games.

Developed at the same time as "Ultima Online" and "Everquest," "Asheron's Call" is the third oldest major MMORPG.

For more information, head over to the official "Asheron's Call" forums.