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As Muslim population grows, what can happen to a society?


  • RSBL 6 years ago

    Kind of like Israel pushing everyone else out of palestine so they can have a 100% jewish state? Who is the racists here? The new master race? Is-Ra-El?

    Muslims dont bother me, it is those who try and use the 'fear of the unknown' to further political goals. Yea, just like the definition of terrorism...who are the terrorists? Go look that word up please, then get back to us about who is employing these the true sense of the word. I will give you a hint...Israel and the US governments.

    Do you complain about the black poulations rising in the inner cities of the US? You are a bigot apparently, and trying to convince others to be one as well. What a douchebag.

  • No Muslim slave 5 years ago

    I'm sorry but your remarks are simply idiotic. If Islam takes over the world, like the cancer that it is, it will be because of morons like you.

  • RSBL 6 years ago

    "sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), "

    Just like Israel is doing to the indiginous population of palestinians huh? Kicking them out of Jerusalem, taking their houses for Jews only. Why is your one eye blinder than the other?
    Then when they fight back for the land stolen or their family members arrested or killed, they are now terrorists?

  • RSBL 6 years ago

    You apparently didnt pay attention in history class, these factions and countries have done these things these ways for thousands of years, all af a sudden you come along and know better? They have had kings and the such, they dont know what to do, and dont want anything to do with 'democracy', democracy is worse than having a king really, that is why our founders thought ahead and called this a 'republic'. Modern criminals are the ones who call this a democracy so you think by voting, you can remove rights of others that cant be touched in a republic. You dont have the right to tell other countries what to do and how to act, especially when your own country is falling apart due to people like you.

  • RSBL 6 years ago

    You are just bigoted because you dont believe in freedom of religeon. How anti-american is that? And you can TRY to say they have a violent religeon all you want, because you must have missed the spanish inquisition and the american witch hunts, the murders and wars in the name of the christian God. The only ones attacking anyone is the 'western world' attacking the third world because they have resources under their feet. You are either extremely stupid, or you are being paid to parrot the lies and propaganda of the criminals who are the only ones benefitting from these criminal policies. Which one are you shmuck?

  • Boetica 4 years ago

    Why do tools like you always bring up the inquisition, the Crusades, etc., as if we are talking about the past? The Crusades were an attempt to take back Christian lands which had been conquered by Muslims. Almost all of the Muslim nations in the Middle East were advanced Christian societies which declined under Islam, after the "Golden Age", when Muslims took credit for the work of the native infidels.

    Maybe you can tell us why before 1967 when people spoke of a Palestinian they were talking about a Jew? Arabs have been building illegally in Jerusalem without much interference, so maybe you could expand on your claim of them being kicked out and their houses being confiscated. This has been happening in Bethlehem to Christians who were indigenous to Palestine, but not at the hands of Jews. Why don't you tell us about the nearly one million Jews who were forcibly expelled from predominantly Muslim countries where they had resided sometimes for over a thousand years? They were not given refugee status and they can NEVER return to their homes and businesses because they would be killed by those so-called peaceful Muslims. Settle the eternal refugees in these lands and stop feeding their terrorist machine with Western monies.

  • RSBL 6 years ago

    "When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions."

    LOL, are you serious? When you treat people like animals, and give no avenue of redress, guess where you end up? Were our founding fathers who were in the same treatment boat muslims? Did they not make up only 10% of the population?

    We ended up fighting a revolution because the ruling power at the time treated the people with they do now, no matter what your religeon, if you are treated with contempt and have no way to be heard or make a change, when the soap box fails or is silenced, or the ballot box co-opted and manipulated through controlled propaganda and lies of ommission and outright lies, then, the cartridge box is next. If you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable.

    Pssst, your blatent bias and ignorance is showing!

  • RSBL 6 years ago

    If you like homeland gestapo so much, you should move to Israel where it is normal to hate someone else when they dont agree with your religeon or your skin color. England sounds like your place if you enjoy police state. But, since in between your lies...ahem, lines, you love apartheid, you should just move to south africa or Israel, remember, Israel loves south african apartheid so much, they tried to sell them nukes against the NNPT they refuse to sign. Dont you love totalitarianism and hypocracy? Israel is right for you!

  • Ship of fools 6 years ago

    There is nowhere in the world that Muslims live in peace with their neighbors, Muslim or other religions.
    The number one cause of death to Muslims IS OTHER MUSLIMS.

    So what can you expect to happen when they are in great numbers?

  • RSBL 6 years ago

    hmmm, which country in the last 10 years has attacked their neighbors? I will give you a hint...USA and Israel. Iran has not attacked anyone in over 200 years, which muslim country is attacking its neighbors more than Israel? ZERO.

  • RSBL 6 years ago

    "There is nowhere in the world that Muslims live in peace with their neighbors, Muslim or other religions. "

    Another biased lie. Iran hosts many diffrent religeons and is tolerant of them AND the jews that live there. They havent attacked any neighbors, you are an idiot and a parrot of fox news. Ignorant of what you are even saying. Go back to school moron. Your stupid is showing.

  • Alex 5 years ago

    You really think that Iran is a good example of a peaceful and tolerant state, whilst simultaneously accusing others of stupidity?


  • JR Bailey Casper Christianity Examiner 6 years ago


    My dear fellow, you are quite deluded if you actually believe the majority of what you posted.

    I've studied the Noble Quran for almost a decade in comparison to the Tanach and the New Testament and allow me to assure you sir, that when takes the Noble Quran and the rest of the Hadith together, verbatim as any imam worth his title will do, Islam is the most vicious, intolerant, violent, and war oriented religion on Earth.

    Doctrinally speaking my dear RSBL, no other religion on the planet even comes close, comparing sacred text to sacred text, in calling for the MURDERS of non-believers, secularists, and commanding that anyone not converting to that religion be executed or taxed until they are executed.

    Islam is without a doubt the greatest danger to all civilized societies and their peoples the world has ever seen or will see until the Anti-Christ takes the stage.


  • GS 5 years ago

    Griping against USA & Israel is something that the world always expects from anyone who is a muslim. I remember reading the conclusions of an independent survey carried out in Pakistan. It said that more than 60% of the population in Pakistan believes that it was actually Israel responsible for the 9/11 WTO attack & not Osama.

    Anyways, keeping aside the hatred among muslims against USA & Israel, I must say that the behaviour of the muslims with respect to their population in any country, as it is described above, is amazingly true! I'm not a religious fanatic or anti-muslim, but just can't deny that the description is true!

  • GS 5 years ago

    Correction: Its WTC & not WTO...Sorry, my bad! :P

  • MGM 5 years ago

    So you want to talk about the palestine. Who is blowing up buses, supermarkets, and ice cream shops with women and children? Murder, Murder, Murder, It is amazing how you like to distort the facts. If you so called Muslims love the Palestinians why don't you help your brothers and take them in your country?????

  • Elric66 5 years ago

    No such thing as "Palestine" and islam isnt a race.

  • kiran 5 years ago

    Buddy this rsbl is talking a lot on muslim 's i think he's been recruited for it!!! remember mr rsbl, till chrisitanity and hinduism are there on this earth along with our chinese brother's islam will and cant cover the whole earth and we are ready to even nuke up this whole globe if that happens.....

  • EGAFWizard 5 years ago

    I just ran across this post so I have not been thinking about a reply for 2 months.

    First, if we start at 1948, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem ordered muslims out of what would become the present state of Israel. The muslims left for Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt. They were not driven out. After the first Arab-Israeli war, the 'displaced Arabs were invited back to the new state of Israel with the proviso that they take Israeli citizenship (not Judaism) and return to their previous city, jome, jobs. The Grand Mufti forbade this. The displaced Arabs were not allowed to become citizens of Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt. So much for muslim brotherhood, eh?. As displaced persons, they received a monthly stipend from the UN, most of which they turned over to the nephew of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. The Un was inept at keeping records and were forbieedn to take photographs (issue id cards) or take finger prints so Abdul in Nablus on Monday became Sinbad in Jawal on Tuesday and became Sulieman in Gaza on Wednesday, etc. Most of the money went to the PFLP or the nephew of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. The displaced Arabs chose the name Palestine which is a corruption of the Roman word for the area which is yet another corruption of Philistine. There are no people alive today who are truly Philistine. The displaced Arabs chose the name to irritate the Jews. The 'Philistines' in the Holy Land were pagans. So if you carry the name 'Philistines' forward, the Palestinians are pagans? I don't think so. They are muslims who abandoned they homes at the order of the Grand Mufti and can't return until ordered or allowed by him to do so. However, the Grand Mufti died in 1968. He was succeeded by his nephew. However, the nephew died as well and only had a daughter. The Grand Mufti was Haj Amin al-Husseini. The nephew was Yassir Arafat, who died of AIDS due to his many years of playing the tiger with young boys and young men. So the displaced Arabs followed the whims of Haj Amin who spent some time with Hitler in WWII and assisted in making concentration camps more efficient in killing Jews, formed a muslim brigade in the Balkans to assist the Nazis in finding the Jews, and founded the Ba'ath party which put Hussein in power in Iraq and then followed the nephew who married a woman to end the speculation of his homosexuality but still died of AIDS and took UNWRA money to ine his own pockets. No, the Jews did not drive out the dispalced Arabs, their blind allegiance to a corrupt family drove them out. Isn't it interesting that the Ayatolla Khomeini chose France as sanctuary, as did Arafat and there are so many problems with the displaced Arabs in France. Arafat hid the billions in various banks but Suha couldn't get the numbers of the accounts or the passwords out of an AIDS ridden Grand Mufit, Arafat. And, the Prophet (pbuh) taught the three instances in which lying is permissible with one of those instances being any time a muslim speaks with an infidel (or People of the Book or Cross Worshippers or Fish Eaters). So in doing a good work (lying to infidels) is a way to fulfill a command of the Prophet (pbuh) and earn a way into Paradise. Whereas People of the Book are taught never to lie, ever. (Thou shalt not bear false witness). and yet, Judaism and Christianity are referred to by L. Farrakhan as gutter religion. He learned that while going to the mother ship or mother plan in orbit above the earth with thousands of mini-planes with three bombs each ready to destroy America (Sister Rosa X). Next, the Statue of Liberty will be modified to wear a burkha.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago


  • Boetica 4 years ago

    RSBL is a product of an American university system which takes in students who are not even prepared for university work and inculcates them with post modern rubbish, which they are more than happy to believe since they are lazy and are not interested in facts, but in getting a good grade so that they can go on to graduate school and be indoctrinated with even more post modern rubbish. The American university system is chock full of America-hating professors, many American but many foreign, who HATE Western civilization and capitalism. They are doing their best to bring it down and make us serfs, who they see as fit to support a political, technical, and academic elite with the sweat of our brow. This is so much like the communist system that taught children to report on their parents if they opposed the "revolution". The almost comical thing about it is that capitalism built everything that these neo-Marxist morons and uneducated perpetual children enjoy.

    Facts mean nothing to this poor deluded, indoctrinated soul calling him/herself RSBL. RSBL has jumped on the propaganda train and will ride it to its conclusion.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    all the statistics in this article can be verified. Simple.

    Secondly, If you still think this is tosh then why dont you find out what the percentages were ten years ago?

    Thirdly, if you still feel that your liberal elites know what they are doing, look at the percentages 20 years ago..

    Spotting a pattern here?

    Just incase you are still skeptical about what the future holds why dont you look up the most common new born name given to babies in your nearest city?

    Putting two and two together gives 4. It is so obvious. It shocks me how stupid and naive the majority of our people are. I mean how do they not come up with 4 aswell.

    Cultural marxist, commies, academics, PC brigate all you lefTARDS are the biggest fools or traitors (cant make my mind up yet) the world has ever witnessed!

    That RSBL poster is employing a method of Al - Taqiyya. Failing that he is a traitor and needs merking

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    EGAFWizard 's post is totally true. Notice that in the main article Israel is mentioned only once, yet all of the anti-semitic posts are speaking about Israel.

    The God of Israel, in Ezekiel 28 (check it out asap), will take care of everything .... very, very soon. Antisemitic posters, read Ezekiel 28 .... your controversy isn't with 'Allah' ... it is with J E H O V A H the One and only God .... and His Messiah (Jesus) ... read Psalm 2. Accept Him as your Lord and Saviour asap and you'll make
    the harpazo (rapture) ... if not ... then get ready for your false messiah ... the mahdi ... commonly called ...
    the Anti Christ .... and get ready for the great Tribulation. Could happen tomorrow ... it IS imminent.

    John 3:16

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    muslims are heinous menace EVERYWHERE they go. They create violent hellholes where ever the exist, and then when it becomes too much of a nightmare they leave to peaceful countries and start their crap all over again. You would think these inbreds would figure out that their real problem is ISLAM and their filthy pedophile prophet.

  • litlestarr 4 years ago

    All one has to do is see how women are treated, and how the muslims like to chop off heads. / Just pop that address up there in your address line. or just google muslim behead. And they certainly hold a grunge, forgive is not in their vocabulary even. . They are not peaceful people.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago war1 world war 2, atomic bomb on japan,slavery,invading countries,stealing resource,taking over palastine in the name of religion,taking over american indian country,taking over abergenies land and call it australia,newziland, these muslim are really bad .

  • Profile picture of Hugh572
    Hugh572 4 years ago

    Move to Iran and criticize Islam and that will explain it to you.

  • Profile picture of Hugh572
    Hugh572 4 years ago

    Move to Iran and criticize Islam and that will explain it to you.

  • NotNecessary 3 years ago

    The problem is not attacking other countries... It is how radical Muslims try to destroy other religions within the state

  • NotNecessary 3 years ago

    not true. only radical muslims create problem. for that reason any radical element following any religion which does not recognize other religions is bound to cause problems

  • NameFindsReligion 3 years ago

    I come from a country where you will find more than15% Muslims officially.Unofficially it is atleast twice more than that.I went through this article and find everything true.
    As my forefathers were one of them who had to flee another country because of Muslim Mob. Womens were raped and killed in front of their child in the name of Islam.This incident was not the only one which happened.It is been happening everyday in some place in my country.What i came to know about them is that they lack their very basic knowledge.I have seen A Service Delivery Manager In a MNC speaking about ISlam as the ultimate truth.He believed that Mohammed actually did some magic which did crack moon..Lol!!because they know ALLAH before their father's name.
    Some peace loving Muslims also term that All Muslims are not Terrorist but question is Why all terrorists are Muslims??
    You can change a pig into human..but you cant change a muslim's orthodox mentality.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    RSBL's REAL name is Mohamed, so what can you expect from a convert to Islam?
    As a Christian who lived and worked in the Middle East for over 20 years, I can attest to the racist, genocidal and murderous, repressive policies Arabs inflict on any non Muslim population, in ANY Middle Eastern country. ONLY in Israel did I find democracy, equality, and compassion for people. The hospital I was affiliated with routinely treated, for FREE, any Palestinian in need of medical treatment. That kindness was rarely repaid with gratitude. In fact in 1 case, after treating a child for over a year, (the mother of the child was given free room and board in order to enable her to stay with her child), that care, concern and literally a million dollars worth of free medical care, was "repaid" by the mother when she told the Arab media that she would gladly murder the doctors and nurses who had cared for her child. She also told the Arab media that she hoped her child grew up to be a shaheed (martyr, a suicide bomber) who would kill the Jews who had treated her. This is the Muslim mindset, as proscribed by the Quran, the Hadiths and the Sunna of Mohammed.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    Please excuse the misuse of the word "proscribed." What I meant to write was commanded!

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    Every muslim in Asia, India, and western nations are rejects. If they were great muslims of any value, Saudi Arabia or Iran would allow them to immigrate. The best thing muslims everywhere can do, is leave islam. Right now muslim terrorists are trying to destroy the governments of Syria and Pakistan. Why only run out onto the street and scream like little girls when someone draws a stupid cartoon or makes a stupid film. All that is necessary for the triumph of the taliban and other muslim terrorists is that "moderate" muslims do nothing. Do not allow evil to triumph. Do not do sit by and do nothing or islam will be banned in every country of the world.

  • Nazira 3 years ago

    Dude, you really need to check your soul, and along read a bit of mid east history. You fools always have to go for the religious angle because you are completely clueless about the history of said nations and more importantly the political equation. For example, Mohammed Mossedeq in Iran. PM of Iran, democratically elected, progressive, pro-land reform, pro-womens rights, and secular, ousted by BP and the CIA because he dared to want to share his countrys resources equally with BP. Well, sir, we know what followed; The Shah, and then the Islamic revolution. After all, it wasn´t Iran who orchestrated a coup against a democratically-elected President of the US. Your point of view comes from a complete posture of entitlement and superiority. And then the kicker, you mention Israel. A nation built on top of a native population with the collusion of the West, a nation who had terrorist militias (Irgun, Stern Gang) formed to cause havoc and ethnically cleanse the natives way prior to any other Arab´nation´s involvement. Israel a nation that practices apartheid as verified by South Africans who lived under the same regime, and actually claims Israel´s brand of apartheid is worse. A nation that colonizes land that has been designated for a Pal state and has gobbled up more than 70% of historic Palestine yet continues to hunger for even more Palestinian land and has broken every international law in the book in order to expand its territory. A nation that has made window-dressing an

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    (cont.) art form, and has offered the Palestinians nothing more than to be a fragmented client state.

  • Stranger 3 years ago

    Israel a country that persecutes ... that's a laugher!

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    Well the Muslims in the UK must be over the percentage of what this article is saying, and they are pandered to on a daily basis by the spineless cowards we have running the country. They can even hack our troops up on British soil and claim victim status, and have the police jumping through hoops to protect them.

  • Robin Singh 2 years ago

    First off all its the first time i am writing here and i am amazed at the statement the writer made concerning Trinidad and Guyana, his facts on these 2 Caribbean countries (Guyana is actually part of the South American Continent but is considered part of the Caribbean and its economic communitly Caricom and Trinidad is the most Southerly Island of the English Speaking Caribbean with its Twin Island State Tobago) , His Statistics are totally incorrect, first The Population of Trinidad and Tobago is split almost 40%/40% between afro Caribbean and Indo Caribbean People with the remaining 20% percent made up of Chinese/European and Mixed Race known as Dooglas.
    of the 40% Indo Caribbean people, the population is in terms of religion is split almost down the middle between Hindus and Muslims, so that makes it about so 20% Muslim, then amongst the Blacks its 30% christian and 10% Muslim so it increases the amount of Muslims to about 30% The same Populations Statistics also holds true for Guyana, and these countries do not face any kind of religious problems at all. The problems faced in both Territories are ethnic based on race Indian vs Black even it terms of political parties and you will find all religions in all the political parties but split in terms of race. So please get your facts straight and stop spouting unfounded propaganda.
    If this man can write an article with these simple facts incorrect its begs the question what else in this paper is incorrect.

  • Qamar Uz Zaman Malik 2 years ago

    Do whatever you want. give whatever color you want to give to our lives and religion. Infact you people are feared from Islam. But remember that is the most peaceful way of spreading the truth. Humans like you could never stop it even if you consider us or write us or propogate us as violent people but infact violence is the way you people are trying to stop us. but be pacient and see. By the way, accept my advice that go through your own word by God and Muslim word by God. You will come with us. thanks

  • Ignatz 2 years ago

    As someone who lives in New York City and has seen a massive increase in the numbers of Muslims, I can tell you from experience that more Muslims means a lot more well-run delis, restaurants and convenience stores.

  • k khab 2 years ago

    Christian and jews are the terrorist of this world,palestine was a muslim nation but christian and jews terrorist has occupy and settled the jews on the land of muslims and killed thousands of muslims,expulsed them from their own land.muslims are fighting for their rights and they are true in their objective.destruction of israel and resettlement of palestinian on their land is the sole aim of muslim ummah,today,tomorrow or any day we will achieve our aims.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    its one thing to be a racist its quite another to try to exterminate other races / religions.

  • Indian 2 years ago

    One more point to add when they become 100% - they look for some internal reasons to fight [shia, sunni, etc.] its just that they CANNOT live in peace. Fighting comes to them by nature !!!

  • Profile picture of Brian Ansorge
    Brian Ansorge 2 years ago

    Of course, no matter how strongly supported and how well documented the above commentary is, the Denialists (Jihad Denial Syndrome) will turn every shade of blue and cry "Zionist" or some other blabber.

    Pathetic. And predictable.

    Enjoy your diversity, while you can—morons.

  • Profile picture of Brian Ansorge
    Brian Ansorge 2 years ago

    Yeah, and Muhammad was a pedophile. So what's your point? That Islam is really *is* a religion of peace? It's *not* a religion. It's a way of life.

    Pedophilia and vest-bombs aside, I guess it wouldn't be all that bad to live in an Islamic dominated society.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    So true.. Where they are in minorities, demands more rights and benefit mostly on religious. When they are in majority, force minority to accept muslim religion and do not give minority rights. Best way to fight with them is; Do not buy anything possible from muslims, do not give them employment, do not work for their business, do not sell them immovable properties such as land and premises, do not give them social respect and do not make them family friends. leave them alone with their own people. They are being habitual to fight so will kill themshelves.

  • dave 2 years ago

    All these fu cki ng retards thinking muslims can live with others. The only good muslim is a dead muslim.
    If you like the cun ts so much fuc k off and live with them in their shi t country. You bleeding heats all need a bullet... so when no one is left to whinge we can fu ck the muslims off without opposition

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