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Arnold Schwarzenegger teases Jimmy Fallon about his 'girly man' car

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On Monday night's edition of "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon," guest Arnold Schwarzenegger took the opportunity to tease the new host about a personal story he told earlier about getting stuck at the beach -- the legendary action star accused Fallon of driving a "girlie man car" when he should be driving a Hummer.

Fallon had told the audience about taking his vehicle of an unidentified type for a beach drive and getting stuck, even though he turned to the special setting for sand driving indicated by a cactus on the car's control. He even showed a photo of the tire of his vehicle so deep in the sand the body of the car was sitting on the sand itself.

When tough guy Schwarzenegger came out for the interview, he immediately complimented Fallon on his great ratings, then launched into berating him for not driving a Hummer.

"You gotta go with a Hummer to the beach when you go with your family so they're safe and protected," said the action icon. "Not with this little thing. What is that? This is a girly man's car. This is not a man's car."

Fallon was cracking up so much at Schwarzenegger's teasing that the actor just kept going.

"I was just shaking my head back in the green room ... what is he doing with this red car? I mean the color alone is dangerous."

After Schwarzenegger recommended huge tires for beach driving, Fallon countered with the suggestion he just get a monster truck next time. Then they discussed how the former bodybuilder turned actor drives his own personal tank for charity events.

If "The Ahnold" is a guest on a talk show, you can expect testosterone overload, just like his movies.

The pair also did sketch of a QVC promo where they were selling a kitchen appliance, with Schwarzenegger demanding they "get to the chopper!"

Schwarzenegger was on the show promoting his latest film "Sabotage," which opens this Friday.