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Arkane Studios talks PS4 and Xbox One development

Sony PS4
Sony PS4

With their work on Dishonored and the title’s DLC now complete, Arkane Studios can now focus on the future. On Aug. 21, Seth Shain, Systems Designer and Associate Producer at Arkane Studios, spoke with Examiner about what the PS4 and Xbox One can bring to the video game industry.

Every developer has different expectations on what a new generation of consoles should bring to the industry. Microsoft and Sony each have added a unique element with their upcoming home consoles – Microsoft selling Kinect with every Xbox One, and Sony with the DualShock 4 touchpad.

Shain feels that the next-generation of consoles will bring new “technology that will enable things we haven’t seen before” and that each system’s focus on connectivity will bring about many new things.

“We’re going to see new stuff and people will find great new ways to use the technology,” Shain shared.

He notes that early next-gen games will likely be the development community figuring out how to create games for the new hardware and how to take advantage of the new features. Once the development community becomes familiar with the tools offered by the PS4 and Xbox One, truly impressive games will release.

“Once we can figure out how to harness all of that, we’re going to have some great games for the next-gen. I hope it’s more than just making things prettier and having more cinematics because I think we can do much better than that.”

While discussing if Xbox One and PS4 should be easy to get a good grasping of, Shain feels that if the tools are good, then everything will be fine.

“As long as the tools are solid, it’ll be fine, but the next-gen consoles seem to be much more in line with a high-end PC. I do think what we can do on console and what we can do on PC, will have a lot more parity between the two. It just means having more dynamic things we can have in the world at the same time. It’ll be interesting.”

Sony will release the PS4 on Nov. 15 in North America -- additional details can be read here. Microsoft has not yet announced an official release date for Xbox One.

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