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Arizona paranormal team captures shadow person on video at haunted mortuary

A paranormal research group captured some compelling footage at a business in Arizona last month. The lead investigator believes the video shows proof of the shadow person phenomena.

Possible shadow person appears on security video
John Albrecht, Jr.

On December 14, 2013, paranormal investigator Kevin Hickman set off to Prescott, Arizona to explore an alleged haunted location with his Phoenix-based group Afterlife Research Team. Hickman was determined to gather evidence of the historical location's ghosts so he set up cameras in various rooms of the building.

In one of the clips from the Afterlife Research Team's footage, a ghostly figure can be seen passing by Hickman in the middle of a long hallway. A closer look at the video in slow motion shows what the team believes to be proof of the shadow person phenomena.

"I'm not sure what to make of this footage. At first I thought it might be Kevin's shadow but the infrared camera is fixed at the end of the hallway at the top of the ceiling, so by the placement of the camera it can't be his shadow and he was the only one up there. Footage like this is great but it doesn't prove or disprove paranormal activity. It just leaves us with more questions," Afterlife Research Team investigator John Albrecht said.

Watch the video

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