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Are you assertive?

If you were to ask someone in your circle to describe how you live your life, would this person say you have a passive, assertive or an aggressive nature?

Should you push to the front or are you okay in the back?
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If he or she described you as passive or aggressive would you be offended?

I live my life appreciating the value of energy and considering this, I may, at times, lean into a passive nature. I try to stay away from aggressiveness because this seems to take a toll on me, but I believe most of my friends would categorize me as being predominantly assertive.

Consider the following about each of these individual perspectives:

Someone who is passive may be undervaluing an appreciation for self. This person is perceived as being walked on like a doormat. It's okay to pick your battles at times and try on passiveness when necessary. Sometimes it just is not worth the hassle to push something and because of this, I might choose to let an annoyance melt away instead of exerting the extra energy.

An assertive person embraces the optimal life perspective. This individual looks at others as being on equal ground. With respect, one might find a politically correct way to be heard and gain momentum without overstepping the paths of others.

A person who lives aggressively is perceived as someone who does not have any consideration for others. This individual will step on anyone to get ahead. I have to admit, when I look into my history, I have had times when I embraced this aggressive nature but I’m happy to say it was short lived. shares this about assertive people:
• Get to "win-win" more easily – they see the value in their opponent and in his/her position, and can quickly find common ground.
• Are better problem solvers – they feel empowered to do whatever it takes to find the best solution.
• Are less stressed – they know they have personal power and they don't feel threatened or victimized when things don't go as planned or expected.
• Are doers – they get things done because they know they can.

Where do you rank? Do you want to be more successful? If so, click here for tips on how to become assertive.

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