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Are these 'The Eyes of God'? (Video)

A video on YouTube claims to show "the eyes of God" peeking out from the weathered bark of a gnarly old backyard tree.

A video on YouTube catches 'the eyes of God' peeking out from the trunk of a tree
LookingForTheEyesOfGod @YouTube

In the video, a series of photos taken of an otherwise nondescript elm are dramatically zoomed in on and the end result is to reveal a pattern in the bark which does indeed look like the eyes of a wizened old man.

But are they "the eyes of God"?

According to the narrative description on the video, the purpose of taking the pictures was to test the resolution quality of a new digital camera. It wasn't until the photos were examined in detail later on that the image of a face with "the eyes of God" was noticed.

And, apparently, the vision came at just the right moment. According to the story, the uploader had been wondering that very day whether or not God was watching his back anymore. Looks like he got his answer.

It seems this is just another example of a phenomenon known as Pareidolia, a condition in which the eyes detect familiar patterns in unrelated objects, such as the Man in the Moon or Jesus on toast. But, there are those who would argue that if God is everywhere, then why not in the bark of a tree or a slice of bread?

In the end, it all comes down to a matter of faith. The YouTuber promises to learn from the experience and look for other examples of "the eyes of God" in the world all around us. It might be interesting to watch.

Follow along by clicking here.

What do you think? Does the video show "the eyes of God"? Or is it just a tree?

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