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Are the New Testament gospels history?

In my books and articles, I demonstrate that numerous aspects of the gospel story of Jesus Christ have their precedent in mythology and in Old Testament "messianic scriptures" used as a blueprint in the creation of the New. I also show that there is no credible, scientific evidence from the time of Christ's purported advent proving that he did or said any of the extraordinary events and sayings purported of him. Indeed, there is nothing whatsoever about Jesus Christ, Christianity or Christians in the contemporary literary record, even though some two dozen NT scriptures claim Jesus was famed far and wide.

In the video included here, I discuss the subject of whether or not we should simply accept New Testament tales as "history." There are many supernatural claims for this purported Jewish messiah and son of God; however, we are not offered any real proof but are, instead, asked simply to believe. This position of taking something incredible on faith is obviously not very scientific or satisfying to the rational and thinking person.

For more information, please see my books and articles on the "Christ Conspiracy," as well as my other videos and DVD.


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