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April fools pranks to play at work: 18 top co-worker and boss pranks for 2014

April fools prank, make your co-workers think elevator is now voice-activated!
April fools prank, make your co-workers think elevator is now voice-activated!
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April fool’s pranks for coworkers at the office might have to be tame, but they don’t have to be lame. This year be the prankster they won't soon forget when it comes to playing April fool’s jokes on your co-workers.

According to the Huffington Post on March 27, while no one is certain how the April fools jokes started, some date it back to 1582. This is when France moved the New Year from the end of March to January after adopting the Gregorian calendar. It was said that back then the folks in charge said that those people who continued celebrating the New Year on April 1, were fools, thus April Fool’s Day was born!

From leaving your co-workers with sticky fingers to leaving them standing there talking to an inanimate object, these ideas will brighten up your workday and won’t get you fired for playing an April fools pranks!

Computer pranks:

*Change the language on your co-worker’s computer.

*Flip their computer screen by hitting Ctrl+Alt+the down arrow and the display will vertically flip, as will the mouse controls.

*Plug a wireless mouse into your co-worker’s computer than inconspicuously wiggle the mouse around from across the room and watch the frustration as they try to take control of their computer!

*Put a piece of tape on the bottom of the mouse of your co-worker’s computer. They will do a lot of jiggling around trying to get it to work.

Simple annoyances:

*Put Scotch tape over the speaker of your co-workers headset. Watch as they continually ask the person on the other end to “please repeat that.”

*Make a professional looking sign for the elevator saying that it is now voice-activated. Give the instructions on how to simply call the elevator to your floor. Tell them to lean into the elevator buttons and slowly say “Come to floor____” (Fill in the name of your floor or number.) Make sure you put in the instructions that while the elevator call buttons still light, simply pressing them will not call the elevator to your floor. Then hang around near-by and watch the fun.

*You can make this voice-activated sign for any of the machines or technology you have around the office if you don’t have an elevator. Make your copy machine voice activated with a sign. Give the instructions to say “on,” “state the number of copies” and then say “copy.” In about two minutes they will be yelling “on” to the machine that won’t listen.

Moderate annoyances:

*If your office is equipped with ceiling fans, put confetti on top of the fan paddles than ask a co-worker to turn it on later in the day. You can also use mini marshmallows for this prank. Soon it will be snowing and you will be the only one to know how that happened.

*Gross out your co-workers by taking an empty mayonnaise jar and filling it with plain or vanilla yogurt. At lunch take out the jar and start eating. Tell them this is your new diet, mayonnaise, three times a day!

*Bring a baby monitor with you to work and plant it in a hidden place inside your co-worker’s office or cubical. Throughout the day make noises, deep and dark noises like the place is haunted.

*Copy a paper clip to about 20 pieces of paper and return the paper to the feed section of the copy machine. Watch your co-worker look for the paper clip on the paper screen when it keeps showing up on their copies.

Bringing out the grand daddy of annoyances:

*Put Elmer’s glue or pancake syrup in the bathroom soap dispenser.

*If you are feeling daring you can tape bubble wrap under the toilet seat in the employee’s bathroom. Just listen to the popping sounds when your co-workers sit down.

*Hide a baby monitor in the bathroom and once a coworker goes in there, make some haunting sounds or bodily function sounds and watch their face when they walk out!

Boss Prank Memos:

*Send a memo around the office that in lieu of cutting office positions, the cleaning crew has been let go. Tell the staff that they are expected to chip in and help and on the memo include a schedule for the week putting staff names in for cleaning the bathroom, washing floors, etc... This will surely raise some eyebrows.

*Send a memo that during the next staff meeting, you will be expected to raise your hand before talking. State in the memo that a chair in the corner will act as a "time-out" chair for anyone talking out of turn. Top it off by saying a "star" sticker will be added to the employee files of those who followed the rules during the meeting. Write the memo as if you are making rules for a kindergarten class. Watch the eyes roll as you exit the room!

*Send a memo that you will be drastically cutting costs. Tell your staff that for every piece of paper found in your waste basket, you will be charged 10 cents. Coffee is now $1 a cup. To use the rest room that will be 50 cents from now on. Water can only be used for 30 seconds at a time or you will be charged. Throw in a few of your own and send out the memo!

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