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Apply the concept of Opening Day to your business marketing strategies

Use Opening Day concept for marketing
Use Opening Day concept for marketing
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BBDO New York Joined with MLB and is launching this year’s Opening Day slogan, "For the love of baseball."

For this campaign, the NYTimes released an article March 30 discussing the ways in which big brands are emphasizing the iconic moment around Opening Day and baseball.

While many fans obviously remain partial to their own team, BBDO plans to focus their marketing campaign around the culture of Opening Day versus the love of a specific team. This will leave a much deeper, long-term impression among the MLB brand.

A large part of baseball isn’t necessarily the game of baseball itself, it’s about the culture and the history of what baseball represents. Cola brands such as Coke, Pepsi and Mountain Dew have also been successful at creating a culture alongside their brands. Take into consideration the classic Cola brand and what that embodies, versus the association of Pepsi and pop music and Mountain Dew’s brand association with extreme sports. Start thinking about how you can create a culture association around your own brand.

The reason creating a culture is so successful at leaving lasting impressions, is part of the same reason that experiential marketing has been on the rise (even outside of Opening Day).

When we speak of experiential, we aren’t just talking about event marketing, samples and giveaways. Consumers want to be apart of their favorite brand.

Heineken for example, goes to the extreme of giving consumers a complete 4d experience via the “Heineken Experience.” Here you can create your own bottles with your name on the label, take a simulated ride in the point of view of a Heineken brew, and create your own Heineken video to share with friends. Frito Lays used experiential marketing to get consumers involved with their “Do Us A Flavor” campaign, which proved successful.

Huffington posts lists these facts about brand experience:

  • 88 percent of shoppers say that if they enjoy an experiential interaction with a product they'll add it to their shopping list.
  • Eighty percent said they prefer brands that "interact" with them over those that just "advertise" to them.

Max Lenderman, Principal of an Experiential company in Boulder called School, brings to attention the importance that experiential campaigns have at taking something on a local neighborhood scale, to a worldwide sensation via the power of social media. This means that creating a brand experience and a brand culture has much more power than originally conceived.

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