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AppleScripts for Mac Developers

David Frankk

AppleScript is an english-like scripting language which can be used to write a set of scripts to control the actions of any other computer program or application. Since its syntax is english-like, the understandability of the code is often like a natural language.

Application development is considered in almost every industry type due to the high quality and efficiency of work obtained through it. With technology improving, different domains of this software services industry, has been introduced providing a varied range of platforms for deploying applications. One of the most appealing platform, quite popular among the users as well as developers nowadays is Apple' Mac OS. Mac OS is the proprietary operating system of Apple, Inc. based on Unix but with more elegant and smooth visuals.

AppleScripts are used by the Mac developers to stimulate the automation operations between different applications and within the system as well. However, being limited only to Mac doesn't limit the utility of this scripting language since Unix developers can also use AppleScripts for Unix programming.

Various other advantages of using AppleScripts are:

  • Natural-language syntax: Syntax for scripting in AppleScript is very much similar to conventional English language. This makes it easy for developers to perform their operations.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks: Repetitive tasks like renaming a file, retrieving a file or copying a file from/to a server can be scheduled automatically. This allows users to focus on other operations while AppleScript performs these operations in the background.
  • Inter-application processing: Capabilities to process the operations between the applications can be automated using AppleScript. Scripts so written can trigger the actions according to the functionality required and setup a communication mechanism between different applications to improve the overall productivity and utility of the system.
  • Compatibility with other programming languages: AppleScript can virtually be bridged with any programming language to provide service and support for modules and improved functionality. AppleScripts can be mixed with the code of other programming language to induce advanced functionality of the program.
  • Batch Processing capabilities: AppleScript supports for the batch processing which means it can prepare a batch or a group of processes to be executed and then execute them in a batch-wise order. This saves the processor from unnecessary processing and thus saves memory allocation, which can be used by other processes constructively.

As Mac OS is based on a Unix kernel, various Unix-related operations can also be embedded inside the AppleScript and vice-versa, to interfere with the system functionality and boost its performance. Moreover, AppleScript does not have any strict rule to follow related to semi-colon, comma etc. and is non case-sensitive.

Local dialect support is another added advantage in this scripting language, so scripts can be written in French, German or English any language a programmer wants to use.


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