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Apartment manager tells Texas man his American flag threatens Muslims reported a story on Wednesday about a Texas man who was told to remove an American flag from his balcony. Duy Tran, said an apartment employee told him she considered the flag “a threat to the Muslim community.” The employee stunned Tran with her comments because he said he wasn’t threatening anyone. He said he won’t remove his flag because it has special meaning to him. Tran hung the flag on his balcony within a few days of moving into the Lodge on El Dorado apartments in Webster, Texas.

Apartment manager tells Texas man his American flag threatens Muslims.
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

KHOU sent a news crew to the complex to investigate Tran’s claim. When approached by a reporter, the apartment manager handed the reporter a statement and refused questions. She also had a police officer escort the reporter from the property. The statement said the complex admired the resident’s patriotism, but the complex must uphold aesthetics. It also said they already have a flag placed at the entrance of the community.

KHOU also reported seeing other patriotic symbols in the complex. Neighbors told the news channel they support Tran’s flag and have no issue with it. The complex apologized on both their website and Facebook page.

In their apology, the complex said they permit flags on the balcony, but they don’t permit tarps, tents, flags, clothing or anything else to hang over the balcony railings. The complex also said they apologize if their policy offended Mr. Tran.

Although the complex apologized, critics riddled the site’s Facebook page with many angry posts. Much of the anger focused on the employee’s comments about threatening Muslims with the flag. The Facebook page didn’t respond to anyone about the comments allegedly made by the complex employee.

The apology can be viewed on the complex website under the “Residents” link. The website doesn’t provide a separate link addressing tenant rules regarding aesthetics.

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