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Apartment 2634 is the scene of three murders in five months

KXAN News reports two murders in an Austin, Texas apartment complex. On Saturday, after responding to gunfire before 4 a.m., police arrived to investigate. Police left the scene after they didn’t find the location of the gunshots. Police returned Sunday morning after a neighbor found blood on her patio. Once police officers learned where the blood came from, they forced open the door to find two dead bodies.

Three people have been murdered in the same apartment in the past five months.
KXAN website

The deceased were Charles Sanders, 33, and 21-year-old Remedios De Machibya. Police believe Machibya drew a gun and shot Sanders. After Sanders had wrestled the gun from Machibya, he used the gun to shoot her. Both victims died at the scene. Turns out, it was Just another murder at the Great Hills Apartment Homes. The double murder occurred in apartment 2634.

Last October, a man named John Thomas Haney, 46, was also shot and killed inside apartment 2634. In the past five months, three people have died from gunshot wounds in this same apartment. Haney’s murder isn’t related to the Sanders and Machibya killings.

Read more details about the three murders in apartment 2634 at the KXAN website.

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