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Anticipating Plan X, DARPA's cyberwarfare solution

Within the next thirty days, DARPA intends to release a broad agency announcement (BAA) through regarding the Plan X cyber-warfare solutions strategy. On the 15th and 16th of October (2012) more than 350 cyber researchers, human-machine interface experts and software engineers attended "Proposer's Day" held by DARPA where they mapped out development of cyberwarfare capabilities and future development platforms.

DARPA soon to unveil Plan X

These high-level plans will synthesize human-on-the-loop interfaces through missions scripts, which will manage, plan and understand large-scale, dynamic, real-time network cyberwarfare environments. This may sound like science fiction; however, Plan X is definitely a science fact with five year funding to the tune of $110M.

The cyberwarfare acumen will deliver visually intuitive large-scale cyber battlespace and situational war game real-time awareness and visual Internet mapping. Through revolutionary technologies and novel cyber domain research DARPA intends to renegotiate the futurist vision of cyberwarfare and thereby redact human fatalities, while explicitly "not funding" research and development efforts regarding vulnerability analysis and/or generation of cyberweapons.

Due to overwhelming interest in the Defense industry, DARPA's Proposer's Day was post-phoned in September of 2012 to the recent October dates, which had to be extended to a two-day presentation platform in order to accommodate all attendees. The surge of interest in Plan X as a computer architecture monitoring damage in “dynamic, contested, and hostile network environments" resulted in the two-day session where day two mirrored day one to accommodate the sheer numbers of interested attendees. This should result in a highly competitive procurement opportunity to be released through within the next thirty days.


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