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Anti-gun congresswoman wants to make Yee's alleged crimes 'more illegal'

Rep. Jackie Speier, who discovered that a 'gun control' advocate's disgrace can be used to justify more 'gun control'
United States Congress photo, public domain

For most of the forcible citizen disarmament zealots, the indictment of California State Senator and Hero of "Gun Control" Leland Yee for multiple crimes including gun trafficking is a huge embarrassment for the "gun control" movement, with some speculating that it might seriously set back the gun prohibitionist agenda. Rabidly anti-gun Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA), though, has another idea. She suggests that the Obama administration exploit Yee's alleged crimes as justification for more restrictive gun regulation. From the SF Examiner:

Rep. Jackie Speier, a Peninsula Democrat, called on President Barack Obama on Wednesday to ban the import of assault weapons following last week’s high-profile arrest of state Sen. Leland Yee on gun-trafficking charges.

“This FBI investigation of Leland Yee reveals how easy it is to import lethal assault weapons that were previously banned,” Speier said in a statement. “This case should be a warning to us all that even the most trusted appearing among us [Ha!] are ready to do real harm. Since Congress can pass no meaningful gun-control laws, even after the mass killing in Newtown, President Obama should use his pen to slow the import of these weapons, which have no place in our homes.”

Let's think about that. Yee is accused of plotting to smuggle fully-automatic rifles, missiles and artillery--with no apparent mention of semi-automatic, so-called "assault weapons." So what's the "logic" here, Rep. Speier?

Furthermore, this plot already broke a number of laws (Yee has been arrested and indicted, after all), so even if this suggested executive action on Obama's part (also being pushed by yet another San Francisco Democrat, U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein) were related to what Yee is alleged to have tried to do, it beggars belief that making the crime "more illegal" would have deterred him much.

This, of course, is without even addressing the fact that Feinstein and Speier are pushing the executive branch to essentially make law that Congress lacks the votes to pass itself, that pesky "separation of powers" be damned, thus surrendering even whatever thin veneer of legitimacy such an unconstitutional law passed by Congress would have. Then again, the Obama administration appears no more likely to be deterred by Constitutionally imposed limits on executive power than Yee is likely to have been deterred by even more draconian gun regulation.

Actually, though, perhaps there is something to the idea that Yee's alleged crimes can inspire a course of action that really would reduce "gun crime." Perhaps we could call it the "Leland Yee Gun Crime Reduction Act of 2014."

This legislation would take to heart Yee's apparent long overdue realization that shall not be infringed leaves no room for bans of fully-automatic rifles, or even shoulder-fired missiles and artillery, let alone semi-automatic "assault weapons." Furthermore, his visionary rejection of requirements for things like import licenses, background checks, etc. indicates that he has finally learned that government control over who may have weapons is itself a kind of tyranny.

So the Leland Yee Gun Crime Reduction Act (maybe "Yee Law," for short) would nullify every federal, state, and local law that in any way regulates commerce in any weapon up to and including 155mm howitzers. This would reduce "gun crime," because the number of gun laws people could potentially break would be so greatly reduced. It would work in exactly opposite the way the Brady Campaign to Create Gun Crime does.

Now that's a gun law freedom loving Americans could get behind.

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