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‘Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown’ season premiere: Punjab, India explored

Anthony Bourdain
Photo by Dylan Rives

Anthony Bourdain returned to CNN on Sunday night offering a glimpse of the world through the food we eat. The season premiere of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown kicked off on CNN. Offering up a glimpse at food, a visual of the landscape and a local guide, once again viewers got to enjoy Anthony’s journey even though we couldn’t eat the food. According to Broadway World on Sunday, here are eight new episodes scheduled on CNN with the host going all over the world.

The Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown debuted with a look at life in Punjab, India. Offering up some impressive food, the locals seemed excited to follow the CNN cameras as Bourdain walked around. Viewers got to see a sampling cuisine at the dhabas (the roadside restaurants), a Gurpurb Festival (which is a Sikh celebration) and a free community vegetarian restaurant that offers up food to hundreds of people daily. Sharing a look at the streets and the beauty of the area, the chance to be part of the moment drew viewers in. Even the history lesson about the area offered up a great insight on how the people live.

The storytelling on this series is absolutely impressive. Viewers really have Anthony to thank as he tells the story on the journey effortlessly while sampling the food along the way. Add the impressive camera work, the scenic views and the local guide who offers tales about the area and it is hard to turn away from the show.

The return of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown is a welcomed change for CNN’s line up. Anthony Bourdain definitely has a larger than life persona when it comes to telling the stories. While some viewers might suggest this type of show might be better suited for PBS or Discovery channel, the show has become extremely popular for CNN.

Next week Anthony Bourdain returns back to the USA and heads to Las Vegas to check out the food off the strip. He is expected to share some of the little known locations found in Sin City.

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