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‘Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown’: Las Vegas food showcased by CNN host

Anthony Bourdain
Photo by Dylan Rives

Anthony Bourdain doesn't take viewers half way around the world on Sunday night, but he still offers some amazing food to devour. The constant food critic is heading to Las Vegas to get a view of Sin City’s food like no other host has done before. Shielding himself from the famous Las Vegas Strip and finding locations that are lesser known to visitors, even the locals are turning in to see what he has to offer. According to CNN on Friday, the famous chef looks behind the scenes of Vegas to discover what can be eaten in Las Vegas.

Offering up what might be one of the best Thai restaurants in America, Bourdain visits Lotus of Siam. Located in a Vegas strip mall, the Thai restaurant has the host (and other guests) raving about the delicious food. The simple place might not be what many think of when it comes to Las Vegas, but the humble location offers up a delightful surprise.

Anthony Bourdain also offers up a look at some of the more fine dining options in Las Vegas. Chef Guy Savoy personally serves Anthony his famous artichoke soup. What might be finer than the meal is the private Caesars Palace villa that is seen. Quite extravagant and beautiful, it might a place for more than eating a bowl of soup. Meeting up with Penn Jillette, former mayor of Las Vegas Oscar Goodman and Michael Ruhlman, the food excursion gets very interesting.

Anthony Bourdain doesn’t need to be half way around the world to share a story and offer a perspective on how the other half of the world lives. He easily offered the same type of excursion in America and shared how some people can find Las Vegas a great place to have dinner even if they don’t have a roll of quarters in their pockets.

"Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown" highlights Las Vegas on Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET on CNN.

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