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Another new Guardians of Middle-earth character released

Mouth of Sauron character art work
Mouth of Sauron character art work
Warner Bros.

Mouth of Sauron is now available to download as a playable guardian in Guardians of Middle-earth on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network. Like other downloadable characters in the game, Mouth of Sauron costs 160 Microsoft Points ($2).

Mouth of Sauron is a defender class guardian with the following abilities:

  • Dark Shout: Medium range attack with damage and fear.
  • Will of Sauron: Roots enemy Guardian at medium range while draining the victim’s health.
  • Deceitful Ways: Lifesteals and gains temporary invulnerability .
  • Stream of Lies: Area attack with silence, slow and ability damage.

His bio reads:

The ambassador of Sauron and the Messenger of Barad-dûr, the Mouth of Sauron is a Black Númenórean charged with speaking on behalf of the Dark Lord of Mordor. He is the only person who directly communicates with Sauron and provides orders to the armies of Gorgoroth, the northwestern region of Mordor. He briefly encounters Aragorn before the Battle of the Black Gate, dismissing him as the new King of Gondor and Arnor

Mouth of Sauron is the fourteenth playable guardian released since Guardians of Middle-earth came out in December.


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