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Another Miscavige Scientology Sea Org member escapes the Cult

Today, March 23, 2013, Karen De La Carriere posted a video of an interview with Jillian Schlesinger, a cult escapee from Scientology’s elite, paramilitary Sea Organization.

On the ‘Underground Bunker’ website, Tony Ortega writes: “Karen de la Carriere has an amazing video for us this week. She talked to Jillian Schlesinger, who left Scientology’s inner “Sea Organization” just a few weeks ago after 12 years of dedicated work.”

Karen De La Carriere’s description on YouTube states: Published on March 23, 2014: “Jillian joined staff at 15 years old. She is now 29 and fled about 3 weeks ago. In this opening of the series Jillian tells about working conditions, slave labor for $8 a week and being forced to work 15 hours a day up to 19 hours a day.”

“Contrast the glamor and the glitter of ribbon cutting some "Ideal Org" while Sea Org members have one working toilet for an entire FLOOR (some 100 occupants). Enforced cleaning of fiberglass with no protection given ~~ using 2 young girls to do work machines should do. Slave-Labor, Human Trafficking and the beat goes on.”

Jillian Schlesinger is now speaking out about the abuse she experienced.

Tony Ortega writes: “But there was one thing Jillian told Karen that should — in a just world — get the attention of the Internal Revenue Service.”

Jillian Schlesinger states:

“There was an analysis done some months ago, probably about six months ago now. And he [David Miscavige] had reviewed that in Florida, there’s about 2,000 Sea Org members, and they send up $1.5 million a week to him. Then, looking in all of LA, there’s about 2,000 Sea Org members, and they were not sending up that much to him every week. So, he wanted a huge rearrangement of staff, and then to make a, in-house, out-of-Sea-Org-member, construction unit, so that we could save money doing it ourselves, even though we have no training in construction, and then we don’t have to hire anyone. And then I was doing that for about the last six months.”

Another amazing comment states that, “80 percent of Sea Org at Flag are now Russian nationals.” It appears that more than a dozen, long-time Sea Org members have escaped the cult in recent days, only adding to the dwindling abused, captives and shrinking membership in David Miscavige’s private, land-based navy crew.

As with many cults, or “Religious Cults” as Marty Rathbun recently stated, as abused members escape, the cult’s inner secrets, abuses, and crimes are exposed to media and public.

Jamie DeWolf, Scientology founder's great grandson, denounced the Scientology religion as a dangerous Cult! DeWolf warns of his great-grandfather's infamous Scientology, calling the belief system "absolute poison."

David Love

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