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Another memorable Diveheart experience

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"Imagine the possibilities!" This is their motto and the hardworking group behind Diveheart Foundation proves it each and every time they are near. Looking at the big smiles on the faces of Don, Ron, Eric and Danielle, it was such a rewarding feeling to see how comfortable they quickly became in the water. All four individuals are bound to a wheelchair but with the moral support, guidance and love of Diveheart, that was one obstacle that did not stop them from letting go of inhibitions and enjoying the water and all it had to offer. The pre-dive practice took them to a place unimaginable.

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This past Saturday, January 4, 2014, the Diveheart Foundation held a FREE Discover Scuba Experience at the Palm Beach Gardens Aquatic Complex in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.. People of all abilities were invited. Although the sun hid behind the clouds and the water was really quite chilly, these determined 'soon to be' divers did not let the less than optimal conditions deter them.

Don had never been in the water before but didn't have any hesitation taking the first step and he enjoyed every minute. Eric was familiar with fun at the beach but never would he have thought he would be wearing a full-face mask and scuba tank. Ron was only going to observe but within a couple of hours, he was ready to make a splash. Danielle already had her own wet suit and as soon as she touched the water, she became comfortable and courageous.

The interaction between each of these thrill seekers and the Diveheart members, Wilhelmina Stanton and Nikole Ordway and Diveheart founder, Jim Elliott, was absolutely priceless. They are truly gifted with a magical charm that made each of the disabled divers feel like they could conquer the world. These special scuba teachers helped to break down barriers and watching the ecstatic expressions on the faces of Eric's parents as they watched their son descend in the water, was an emotional experience that cannot be fully put into words.

Through Diveheart Foundation, quality of life is enriched and the impossible transforms to become the possible. Water becomes weightless and even though life can be a struggle on land, that is all forgotten below the surface.

Diveheart Foundation works with children, adults and veterans with disabilities. You can feel their passion as you observe and they continue to give life a whole new meaning through their efforts.

Jim Elliott has been working to build his organization since 2001and it has spread to become international as well. He never tires of the challenge of teaching and his scuba therapy has been recognized all over the world. The newest addition to his list of accomplishments is a children's book that he has co-authored. It is called 'Scubability' and it shares the Story of Hope. She escapes gravity with the help of her Diveheart buddies' and goes on an amazing journey.

After attending this special event over the weekend, I know that I am hooked and look forward to attending the next fulfilling event. If you are interested in finding out more about Diveheart Foundation too or you are interested to learn what it takes to be a volunteer or even thinking about donating to their effort, go to: Don't forget to 'Like' them on Facebook and 'Follow' them on Twitter.