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Another CP candidate throws hat in the ring

CP candidates offer constitutionalist choices
CP candidates offer constitutionalist choices

Mr. Wayne Schmidt of Mobridge, South Dakota has been a member of the Constitution Party since its founding as a national party back in 1992.

Wayne is no stranger to running for political office. He has previously run in District 23 for State Senate and State House back in 2006 and 2008, respectively. In the senate race, he garnered nearly 10% of the vote. He has also previously run for Mayor of Mobridge.

The 2014 election will be the first time he is throwing his hat in the ring for a statewide office. His name will be entered into nomination for Public Utilities Commissioner at the upcoming Constitution Party of South Dakota's State Convention which will be held sometime in June.

The party is hoping to offer many more strict constitutionalist choices for South Dakota voters to choose from on their general election ballot come November. At this time, there is now a total of 3 statewide candidates that have declared their intentions to run for public office as CP candidates in South Dakota.

Between now and February 15th, all declared CP candidates will be invited to speak at an upcoming major public event titled, “South Dakota for Freedom, An Evening with Patriots”. The event is in the planning stages but does have confirmation of a concert performance by popular liberty activist and songwriter/performer, Jordan Page. Jordan is best known for his many openings for Ron Paul's presidential campaign. More details will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks which will be released on the state party blog located here.