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Another Chicago blogging mom wants to 'intimidate' Congress into gun bans

Which militia intimdates you more, Congress, Jenna's poorly regulated one, or the one who won't give you another inch?
Photo © Oleg Volk. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Yesterday, we examined the "Old Single Mom" blog's demand for a reason to not ban so-called "assault weapons." What's more, we were told not to bring up the Second Amendment, and its Constitutional guarantee of our fundamental human right of the individual to keep and bear arms, because she "so got it" that there is such a right (she clearly doesn't "got it"), and she wants to "push past" that debate. A pretty handy way of dismissing a fundamental human right--just say you "got it," so let's not talk about it.

Today, it's the "High Gloss and Sauce" blog, by another Chicago mom, Jenna Karvunidis. In her "Dear Congress: My kids should feel safe in school," she refers to Obama's "frustrated" lament that Congress is afraid of the NRA:

President Obama said yesterday that gun control is in the hands of the public. We need grass roots noise to support anything getting done because Congress is too afraid of upsetting the NRA to enact gun control measures. . . . Yet, school shootings happen at the rate of once per month and Congress is stubborn about gun control measures. Our kids are terrorized in school because Congress is cowering to an armed, vocal minority.

Why is our children's safety being held hostage by the NRA?

She takes a different approach from the "Old Single Mom" in dismissing the Second Amendment as a reason to not ban semi-automatic firearms (not just "assault weapons," mind you--all semi-automatics), saying, basically that the U.S. government is too heavily armed to be defeated by private citizens with our private arms:

The government has nukes and tanks and foreign connections. No little neighborhood gang is going to win that fight.

Ah, yes--we cannot effectively resist a government gone tyrannical, because if we do, it--the government that she evidently believes deserves her loyalty and ours--will unleash a nuclear holocaust on its own people. Actually, we have talked about Karvunidis before, where she also invoked the forcible citizen disarmament fanatics' "nuclear option." Now, though, she has added the new wrinkle of the government's "foreign connections." I suppose that when one already accepts the idea of the government nuking the people, the notion of them bringing in foreign troops to aid in the oppression is pretty small potatoes.

Extrapolating from her own cowardice, Karvunidis goes on to say that, "Besides, Americans have been too scared to fight our government anyway."

One disturbing look into her mindset can be found in comments. Reader Frank Clarke pointed out the evil insanity of imposing more restrictions on decent people, in a futile effort to control the behavior of evil people. Her response?

I don't believe people are either good or evil, so that's not going to work. Everyone thinks they're the good guy. What we have is a population with an increasing violence problem that allows a weapon no one needs.

In other words, murderers don't murder because they're evil, and the rest of us don't refrain from doing so because we're good--guns apparently just make people do evil things (except for the unacknowledged scores of millions of gun owners who don't commit evil).

Now, it's time for her "challenge" to Congress:

This is my citizen militia. I don't need guns, I have my words and my militia is everyone who is liking and commenting on this post. We're here. Congress, don't be intimidated by gun rights groups, be intimidated by moms like me who are mad as hell that school isn't a safe place to send my child anymore.

So she claims to have formed an unarmed "militia," and Congress should fear it, and not those of us who will fight and die for our freedom. Good luck with that.

And Congress, when deciding which "militia" should "intimidate" you more, remember the words of the late Andrew Breitbart: "we have the guns."


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