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Anonymous claims Karl Rove tried to hack/steal the election (Video)

The hacker network Anonymous claimed in a press release that Republican activist and Fox News anchor, Karl Rove tried to steal votes electronically. According to the group, Rove laid tunnels through voter tracking software intended to switch votes in three states from Obama to Romney during a server crash, essentially stealing the election.

Anonymous claims Karl Rove tried to hack and steal votes in three states
Mathew Lloyd/ Getty Images

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According to the story, Anonymous discovered Rove’s plan months in advance and began coding firewalls to block “kingmakers” from changing votes on Election Day. Networkers working for Rove tested the hack in the days leading up to November 6, while firewalls were disabled. On Election Day (at least by Anonymous’ account) Rove’s “worker bees” made 105 attempts to cross through firewalls, but the hacker network successfully kept them out. They offered specific (albeit coded) details regarding Rove’s attempt, and hinted that more details may appear on Wiki Leaks in the future.

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Ohio did experience server problems in Ohio at 11 PM; a problem that occurred around the same time in 2004. Eerily, the press release refers to previously stolen elections. If the allegations are true, it would also explain Rove’s (and for that matter, Romney’s) overwhelming confidence despite evidence Obama would win re-election. Mitt Romney hadn’t even written a concession, and Rove fought against calling the election until after the outage. Certainly, the claim supports Republicans’ absurd confidence.

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In October, Anonymous issued a warning to Karl Rove against rigging the election, threatening to turn over information to authorities. In November’s release, they did not mention alerting authorities. Perhaps we’ll hear about this again after the hypothetical “investigation.”

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While the claim is unsubstantiated, Anonymous has claimed responsibility for and pulled off impressive computer feats, successfully hacking into highly secure military, government and corporate networks. Capability is not a question, and the group’s doesn’t tend toward public aggrandizement. Perhaps we owe the vigilantes our gratitude and applause; though if Rove is guilty, this is probably the last we’ll hear about it.

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