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Animals suffer in this exhaustive heat

Keep your kitty happy and healthy when the heat spikes at the end of summer.
Roy Yuval/AP

Just when we thought we had seen the mildest summer in the past few summers collectively, the past few days has brought the Midwest some boiling temperatures and some wet and wild storms. It is just too bad that so many kitties have to weather the storms and the heat because they are either outdoor cats, are homeless or live in conditions where there is no air conditioning possible so they feel what other cats feel when they are outdoors. This is very unhealthy for your pet!

You should know that if you are a pet parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your animals, just like your children, are left in safe environments with or without you being present. Although we have been used to the fact that we could cut our energy usage and costs this summer due to milder temperatures, when the temperatures spike, it is our responsibility to leave those we love in conditions that are healthy for them.

If indoor cats are simply left in a shut-up house with the house temperature reaching dangerous levels, cats can get quite ill. Since they rely heavily on panting to cool themselves, because animals don’t sweat, when the temperatures are too hot, even their panting becomes less effective, so your furry friend will have no way to cool themselves down.

As opposed to turning your air conditioner off completely, try setting it at a conservative level of say 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, to ensure that your kitty is comfortable during these blazing Midwest days, make sure to refresh their water supply. Shut your curtains to keep the noonday and afternoon sunlight from coming in and heating up the rooms that kitty likes to lounge in. You may even want to shut off parts of the house where kitty could get too hot.

As far as your outdoor kitties are concerned, you will want to make complete certain that they will have a cool place of refuge to run to if the outside temps climb into the 90s or 100s. Again, clean, fresh, and if possible, cool drinking water is very important. Perhaps putting out some towels or old rugs and spraying them down to give kitty a moist area to lay in would help although your best bet would be to invite kitty inside – if they would come – in order to ensure that kitty stays healthy and happy during these Indian Summer days yet to come.

Cat lovers love their pets for a variety of reasons and would never mean them any harm. It is always nice to be reminded of different ways to keep kitty happy and healthy – especially when changes occur that we are not used to.

This summer has been different for sure. Just make sure if temperatures spike that you remember kitty, too. They will thank you with years of unconditional love for always considering them!

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