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Animal cruelty: Dog dies after woman performs home C-section, sans anesthesia

Woman arrested and charged with felony after the mama dog died following the unlicensed operation.
Woman arrested and charged with felony after the mama dog died following the unlicensed operation.
Hillsborough Co. Sheriff's Office

Police in Florida arrested 31-year-old Candace Patricia Hauser of Tampa over the weekend and charged her with felony aggravated animal cruelty, after Hauser allegedly performed an unlicensed doggie C-section on a pregnant dog without any anesthesia.

According to a March 18 report from NBC News, Hauser used nonmedical glue to close the incision following the C-section. The dog died following Hauser’s caesarean section.

Following a joint investigation by police in Tampa and Hillsborough County Animal Safety and Enforcement, a woman from Polk County brought her pregnant mastiff to Hauser's home in Tampa, after Hauser claimed “she could provide emergency medical help to deliver the puppies.”

Investigators also shared that Hauser is not a veterinarian, nor did she have a license to provide veterinary care.

Hauser performed a C-section on the dog without anesthesia after it had trouble delivering the last two puppies, and then used nonmedical glue to close the incision, according to an arrest affidavit. The dog died later in its owner's car, the report states.

Hauser told reporters that the dog was hers, that it did not die following the C-section, and that the pregnant dog and her pups were alive and well inside Hauser’s home.

The first nine were delivered at her home, and the last was delivered at a veterinary office in Hillsborough County via C-section, she said.

It was that vet’s office in Hillsborough County that tipped off police to the condition of the mama dog.

Reportedly, the Polk County owner of the pregnant dog took the newborn puppies home with her. The mama dog died in the owner’s car.

Following her arrest on Saturday, Hauser was booked by the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, and later released on $2,000 bail.

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