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Animal control fails to notify owner who lost micro-chipped dog

Screen shot via WBAL News

A dog owner in Baltimore County, Md., is upset that her lost dog's implanted microchip was somehow missed at the local animal control facility, reported Friday's WBAL News.

Helen Turner's dog, "Shayla," was picked up by animal control, but the microchip was either not scanned, or it was somehow missed...making matters worse, when Turner repeatedly phoned the Baltimore County Animal Services Division to see if her dog had been found, they did not return her calls.

Turner turned to Facebook with the hopes that someone might recognize her two-year-old dog, and it worked. Someone posted a photo of a dog who was at the animal services facility and it looked like Turner's missing companion.

With photo in hand, Turner went to the facility in person, only to be told that the dog in the photo was not there...she persisted and asked to see the dogs in the kennel runs. Fortunately, her persistence paid off and Shayla was quickly located.

Turner recounted her conversation with the facility staff:

"I said, 'Shayla's here. No. 16.' And they said, 'Are you sure? It doesn't look like her.' I said, 'I'm positive that's our dog. Did you scan her? Because she's chipped.' And they were like, 'Well, I just got here. I don't know if she's been scanned,'"

Animal Services has issued a statement that Shayla was scanned, but admitted that sometimes, for one reason or another, chips are missed.

Shayla is fortunate to have a guardian who kept trying - if not, she might not be here today. Turner saw the "termination" date for Shayla and it was just four days after she was taken in at animal services - she stated:

"I don't want to know what would have happened. We adopted her a year ago, and she's our family pet."

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