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Angels and Whiskey: New play about an atheist in Heaven opens in L.A.

You're in Heaven. You hate it. Now What?

"You’re in Heaven. You hate it. Now what? When John has a heart attack in a bar, he doesn't immediately notice that he’s dead but he does order another whiskey from the angel of death. Now, stuck in a heaven of his own choosing, condemned to drink the same glass of whiskey over and over for eternity, his misery attracts the attention of Lucifer who is curious to meet someone who has successfully created their own hell in heaven. And the fun begins."

That's the idea behind "Angels and Whiskey," a new dark comedy by atheist playwright, Joshua Thomas and it will be making its debut at the Hollywood Fringe Festival on Saturday, June 7th.

Thomas, who describes himself as a life long atheist who is fascinated by the religious beliefs of others, explores belief through an atheist filter in most of his works and takes a darkly humorous look at the concept of free will in his latest play.

"Angels and Whiskey is the show to see if you want to know what actually happened to Gandhi, Ayn Rand, Shakespeare and the Marquis de Sade once they shuffled off this mortal coil," writes Thomas. The entertainment review site Cinesnatch, calls it one of the seven most anticipated 2014 Hollywood Fringe shows.

"Angels and Whiskey" will be performed at the festival on 5 occasions between June 7 and June 27 at the Actor's Company (Other Space Theater), 916 A North Formosa Ave, LA CA 90046, Los Angeles, CA. Tickets are available from the Hollywood Fringe Festival site here for $12, but Atheists United, an L.A. based atheist community group, is publicising a special offer for a limited number of $1 tickets for the June 7th performance, on their meetup page here.

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